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Last Updated: Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Jerry Jones Counting on Allure of the Star, Not Big Bucks

Well, Henry Melton made his visit and he left without signing a contract. Jared Allen is in Dallas today, and I would expect he’s looking for a decent payday as well. That being said, I think in the end, neither of these two players will be signed by the Cowboys, simply because they are out of the Cowboys’ price range. Jerry Jones is counting on the allure of the “star” to bring in some decent free agents, but the allure needs to be supplemented with ca$h in today’s NFL. Players are no longer looking to play for a certain team with rich history, or the most storied franchises out there – they want the money. Show me the money! And the Cowboys simply don’t have enough ammo in the war chest to sign any big names. If the Cowboys stick to their guns, and not restructure anyone else like Brandon Carr or Jason Witten, then the cap will be in way better shape moving forward and I’m fine with that. All of this was planned out at the end of the season, and we’re seeing each domino fall, each roster move has already been anticipated, and its all leading to the draft. We probably aren’t done in free agency, but it won’t be any big

Last Updated: Monday, March 17, 2014

It’s funny seeing the twitterverse blow up over the signing of Brandon Weeden. Here’s my take, and here’s what the signing ultimately means for the Dallas Cowboys: Weeden is an insurance policy should Tony Romo not be truly ready for training camp. We saw what happened with him last offseason, he is taking a long time to recover from these mounting injuries and there is no guarantee he’ll be fully ready for contact. All offseason Romo’s status kept getting delayed and I expect the same this offseason. Just my gut feeling. So, if Romo is held out of mini-camp or preseason, then Weeden will be backing up Kyle Orton. Orton isn’t going anywhere this year. For him to retire he would have to return about $3 million when he restructured. We’ve seen these type of veteran additions in the offseason in Dallas and its no different. At the end of the day Weeden is very expendable and could very well just be a camp body. This team needs every roster spot possible and if Romo and Orton are good to go, then Weeden will be a camp cut eventually, simple as that. He’s not going to be taken under anyone’s wing, and he’s not a long term QB. He

Last Updated: Sunday, March 16, 2014
Latest Rumors on Henry Melton to Dallas Cowboys

Henry Melton has begun his free agency tour and has yet to visit Dallas, and there are several rumors that say Melton is still in serious talks with the Seahawks. Source: DT Henry Melton’s agents are in serious contract negotiations with the Seattle #Seahawks #NFLFreeAgency — Erskine Hinds (@ErskineTheGreat) March 15, 2014 Mike Fisher also adds that the Seahawks may not have let Helton out of Seattle yet. Vibe out of Seattle is they’re attempting to keep @HenMel on campus. #Cowboys holding out hope they get their Mon/Tues visit — mike fisher (@fishsports) March 16, 2014 The Vikings are the other darkhorse in the Melton sweepstakes and have done some maneuvering with their cap, perhaps to throw more money at Melton. They are reportedly still in contact with Melton as well. Rick Spielman said the #Vikings will continue to monitor the Henry Melton situation. — (@VikingUpdate) March 14, 2014 [UPDATE:] Henry Melton has left Seattle without signing a contract and looks to be following through with his visits Melton is taking his visits. Sounds like he’ll give the bears an opportunity to match any offer he has. #Vikings #Seahawks #Bears #Cowboys

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Cowboys have signed their first free agent, and its former Texans NT Terrell McClain. He signed a 3yr deal, and I would assume his position will be the 1-technique. His career seems to be more geared for the run stop than pass rush; however, his combine results would suggest he could fit the bill for a 3-technique. He has decent explosiveness, but nothing special. I would see him as a versatile player who will compete and have a chance to be a situational / rotational player. Nothing wrong with adding depth, its something the Cowboys are in deep need of. This is the gameplan that the Cowboys need to stick with. Sign some players for depth purpose, coupled with youth; he is 25 going on 26, and then let the draft be the focus for starters. More on McClain: The Texans declined to tender McClain in restricted free agency, which would’ve only cost them $1.431 million. A smallish (6’2/293) defensive tackle going on age 26, McClain graded out slightly above average in Pro Football Focus’ 2013 run defense grades, and negatively as a pass rusher. He’s not going to make a difference in Dallas, but the Cowboys simply need bodies up front. (Rotoworld) We’ll see

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Will McClay will be leaned on heavily to rebuild defensive line

With DeMarcus Ware gone, and Jason Hatcher likely signing elsewhere, the Cowboys defensive line is in shambles and very reminiscent of the early 2000′s. In reality the Cowboys took years to fill the void of Charles Haley and Tony Tolbert. As fans we were able to ride with Ware from 2005, but before Ware arrived the defensive line was full of busts, bad free agent signings, and just very average. You could argue it took the Cowboys close to 10 years to find the next franchise pass rusher and that’s for real. So, while this day was coming, the Cowboys now enter an era we have not experienced in almost a decade. Hopefully Jerry Jones has learned from all the bad drafting after Haley left. We had countless busts there, with Shante Carver, Kavika Pittman and Ebenezer Ekuban. And when the draft picks didn’t work out, Jerry pulled the trigger on horrible free agents like Marcellus Wiley. This is the state the defensive line is in right now, and you can’t sugar coat it. That’s it, we are rebuilding this defensive line, there are no doubts about it. Will McClay was tasked with being the guy to bridge what the scouts are studying and what the coaches need. On top

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Official: DeMarcus Ware Released, Now What?

The speculation is over and by now you know DeMarcus Ware has been released by the Cowboys. The move will free up $7.5 million dollars and allow the Cowboys to enter a new era on defense. Ware is the most decorated defender in Cowboys history, but the window has closed on another “Parcells guy” If I’m Ware I’ll be looking for the best chance to get a ring, that is the one thing left for Ware’s Hall of Fame career. Question will be whether Ware wants a ring or wants to get paid another hefty contract. So now what? The Cowboys will have about $9million under the cap now which should let them re-sign Jason Hatcher if they want, or if they want to sign a decent mid-tier player or two. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, we need to hope Jerry does not throw our draft picks in this year’s draft for the #1 overall pick for a player like Clowney, or anyone else for that matter. The track record has shown he has done some crazy trade stuff when franchise guys leave. Keep your eye on this. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something new in the Cowboys front office; as in, more sensible and pragmatic contracts. Draft wise, drafting a defensive

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Rumor: Ware Requesting Decision on his future with Cowboys by 4PM EST

According to Ed Werder, DeMarcus Ware has requested that the Dallas Cowboys inform him of his future with the team by 4pm EST today. The news would suggest that Ware is not looking to take a paycut and this could lead to the unthinkable – Ware’s release. You have to take this rumor with a grain of salt as Werder hasn’t been the most reliable source, but we’ll see. Releasing Ware could open up some cap space for the Cowboys to find a viable replacement or perhaps keep Jason Hatcher to a 3yr deal. Either way, this looks to be coming to a head very soon. Share

Last Updated: Monday, March 10, 2014
Free Agency Should Address Depth and Shape Draft

The one thing that has really derailed the Cowboys over the past two years has been the lack of quality depth. This became more apparent than ever last season when the defensive line was decimated by injuries and the replacements were adequate to a degree. We still failed to get any real pressure on the quarterback. Jason Hatcher was able to bring the pressure from the defensive tackle position, and George Selvie was a pleasant surprise, but at the end of the day, the lack of pressure absolutely killed this team. If I’m the Cowboys I’m looking at free agency as a chance to shore up some depth at thin positions. Linebacker, secondary, defensive line and offensive line are the main areas that need some depth upgrades. At linebacker we are not sure how Sean Lee or Bruce Carter will hold up, they have both proven to be unreliable in the health aspect of their game. DeVonte Holloman or Kyle Wilber have proven that either could supplant Durant, so he may be released. The secondary could use another nickel back and if they can get someone better than Heath, that would be great. A veteran presence could be well served at safety, since Wilcox and Heath have little experience and

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Poll: Will DeMarcus Ware be Released?

The Cowboys have notified DeMarcus Ware that they want to keep him, but at a lower rate. What do you think the outcome will be? Will DeMarcus Ware be Released? Take our quick poll now. We want to know what you think. View Poll To me, if Jerry Jones decides to let Ware go, then I would not be surprised at all to see Jerry roll the dice on a blockbuster trade. I’ve discussed this in a previous post (view here), which basically details Jerry’s issue with letting go of “franchise” players. He get’s anxious and makes crazy blockbuster trades, of which none have worked out. So, I’m watching this situation with Ware very closely. I don’t want to see Jerry release Ware and go 3 first round picks for Clowney or something crazy like that. Share

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Cowboys Can Add One of These Defensive Ends in the Draft

The Cowboys have reportedly began formal talks with DeMarcus Ware, and they have let him know they want him back, but in a way that will help the Cowboys get under the cap. The Cowboys have always been creative with their contracts, so I would expect the Cowboys to lower his base pay, but with a decent sized signing bonus. Question is, how much will the Cowboys be offering Ware which will satisfy him, but still give us some room to breathe for free agency. My last post focused on the best defensive tackles that could be available for the Cowboys, and today, I’ll take a look at the more explosive type defensive ends. Whether we keep Ware or release him, the Cowboys will be adding a defensive end somewhere in this draft. Marinelli wants to keep fresh players in rotation, but players that can bring pressure and be disruptive. This draft will have some defensive ends that will fit the mold. I have 7 defensive ends that have the best numbers from the Combine, so let’s take a look. The consensus defensive ends with first round grades; Jadaveon Clowney and Khalil Mack will be long gone by the #16 pick. So, if Dallas wanted to pull the trigger on one of those guys, they would need

Last Updated: Monday, March 3, 2014
Cowboys Have Other Explosive Defensive Tackle Options in the Draft

I wanted to take a closer look at the defensive tackle position for the upcoming draft, so I looked at all the prospects and broke down their numbers and came up with my top 8 “explosive” defensive tackles from the Combine. When looking at explosiveness you want to look at the speed numbers, and broad jump as well. No surprise Aaron Donald leads the pack in the explosiveness categories. Donald just had his Pro Day in Pittsburgh today and he knocked it out again. His stock is going through the roof, and Mike Mayock just moved him up to #1 DT in the draft as well. So, Donald is the hottest name out there for defensive tackle, but who else is out there that can help out the Cowboys. Its been documented that the Cowboys are looking to get faster on the field, and Will McClay has reiterated it as well, its going to be a part of the checklist when looking at these players. Bryan Broaddus from the home base put out an interesting article today about Will McClay and he brought up some interesting insight of the inner workings or how McClay is going to build the draft board. His strengths are an old school belief in the toughness of your team, along with speed but his best trait

Last Updated: Friday, February 28, 2014
Offensive Tackle a viable option with the #16 Pick

If you’re like me, you’re constantly scouring the internet with the latest news on the draft and all the scenarios that are out there. For the most part many of the post-Combine mock drafts that have come out in recent days have Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh going to Dallas. You also have a few pundits penciling in Timmy Jernigan, DT, FSU and one of the top two safeties. What we haven’t seen is an offensive pick at #16. We haven’t seen an offensive lineman, wide receiver, or tight end penciled in to us. But, hold the presses. Our good friend over at / NFL Network, Charles Davis offers up a curve ball by most standards, considering how much the defense needs help. Davis just released his Mock Draft 3.0 and he gives us Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame. At first glance you may dismiss this pick and call it crazy, but isn’t this what Jerry Jones has done to us so many times in the first round? Davis on the pick: He was lost in the shuffle in Indy, but Martin is a really good player who can play guard and maybe center, too. We know the Cowboys value versatility in their offensive lineman and Martin does fit that bill, and he is a blue chip, day one starter.

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