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Last Updated: Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Cowboys looked horrible yet again in the 1st quarter, this time around, the Patriots are making us pay going up 14-0. The defense has been putting the Patriots in 3rd and longs, but then they give up the 1st down. The offense looks scared right now, rattled. and whats up with the lack of crowd noise, dammit!! Come on Dallas area fans!! I’m calling you guys out!! Get loud!!! Share

Last Updated: Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Cowboys have been tested early and often this year, and have become a battle hardened team in my opinion. From Week one until last week, each of those games have posed some sort of issue, and the common denominator in all those games has been halftime adjustments. I will reiterate how awesome Phillips and Garrett have been at the half. In EVERY single game, I knew the Cowboys would turn it up and fix problems posed in all the games this year. This time will be no different. Like I said before, play Cowboys football like we’ve played all year. Don’t force the quick pass and get burned like last week. Play smart and we will win this game. Keys to Victory Same as always, limit turnover, limit stupid penalties, sustain drives, create pressure and earn some take aways. Composure on both sides of the ball will be vital. The Cowboys will be tested early in the secondary. Knowing this, the Cowboys better get to Tom Brady. Phillips has had great success in containing Brady each of the times he’s faced him, and with rejuvenated defense, it’ll be a battle. Romo must play smart, no risky or off the range stuff this time. Contain Randy Moss The defense kept us in the

Last Updated: Friday, October 12, 2007

As expected, rookie kicker Nick Folk was awarded Rookie of the Week for his two 53 yard game winning field goals in that miraculous come from behind win in Buffalo. Voters on and via Sprint wireless service have made their choice. Kicker Nick Folk of the Dallas Cowboys is the Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week for games played Oct. 7-8, the NFL announced Friday. Folk kicked a career-long 53-yard field goal with two seconds left to give the Cowboys an improbable 25–24 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football. Folk, who went 4-for-4 on field goals, also perfectly executed an onside kick to set up the game-winning field goal. Folk was selected from among five finalists through fan votes on and via Sprint wireless service. The other finalists were free safety Tanard Jackson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, tight end Greg Olsen of the Chicago Bears, cornerback Aaron Ross of the New York Giants and running back DeShawn Wynn of the Green Bay Packers. This is Pepsi’s sixth year as the official soft drink sponsor of the NFL and the third year that Diet Pepsi will present the NFL Rookie of the Week and NFL Rookie of the Year awards. Good job, Folk’s

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everyone should have the Bills miracle game behind them by now. We all spent all day rejoicing and discussing the game with fellow fans, coworkers, and rival fans, but its time to hunker down for the Cowboys biggest test in several seasons – The New England Patriots. The players will be at full speed today, practicing and breaking down the Patriots. Wade Phillips is 3-1 alltime against Bill Belicheat, and he’s seen first hand what the Patriots bring to the table offensively. You want to talk about being the masters of halftime adjustments, look no further than Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett. They bring a one-two punch, and you can bet these coaches WILL have their players well prepared. This game will come down to execution and turnovers. I expect a close game all the way through. One thing I do not see the Cowboys doing is the whole “fast start” thing. That’s hasn’t been Cowboys football all year round, and its overrated as far as I’m concerned. Don’t try to fix something that’s working perfectly. The Cowboys tried the fast start against the lowly Bills and it backfired bigtime, it just about cost us the game, and we never recovered

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I need time to enjoy this unbelievable win, so I will keep this short!! Tony Romo had his worst STATISTICAL game ever, BUT, his determination and focus is unmatched. As Romo piled on the INTs, he looked deflated to me, but no one really knows what goes on inside Romo’s head. I think its something special, something at another level. To gather yourself, and take the team down the field in the do-or-die drive and pull out the TD, and the game winning drive to setup the field goal is what champions are made of! Aikman had a record 5 INT game in his Hall of Fame career, and Romo tied Aikman with his horrific 5 INTS. Take your hat off to this whole team. The defense could have crumbled, but they did not, they wanted to give Romo more chances on the field, and they held up their side of the ball. Most impressive. With all the pregame hype, looking ahead to the Patriots, all the pressure, and all this in-game adversity, this team as a whole came together collectively and did not die, they literally kicked the nails off the coffin, crawled out, and won the game. Heart and Soul, this team is just amazing. I know I’m ranting now, but you will not see many games like this in your lifetime. Drafting

Last Updated: Monday, October 8, 2007

Another bad quarter, the Cowboys scored but then gave up the return for a TD, so the Cowboys remains 13-24. The Cowboys mounted a long drive to end the 3rd, and our offensive line may be wearing down the Bills defense. Can Romo bring back this team to victory, and beat all the bad plays tonight, here we go Share

Last Updated: Monday, October 8, 2007

First thing that comes to mind..this is a trap game, and we’re fallin deeper and deeper. The defense is keeping us in the game, but Romo is way off the mark. He looks worse than Rex Grossman right now!!, and Edwards looks like the Anti-Grossman. We’re in serious trouble right now, there’s no sugar coating this first half. Each pass Romo throws up I feel like its going to be an INT, I haven’t felt that feelin from Romo since he tookover last year… Its scary how bad he’s looking. A staggering (4) INTS! We have to stick with Romo, he needs to calm down and start over. Phillips and Garrett are masters of adjustments and I expect them to help Romo compose himself. He’s needs help from the line, The line is playing crappy, the running game is completely dead, and the Bills are stacking up the secondary. This game mirrors the Packers/Bears game last night! Share

Last Updated: Monday, October 8, 2007

The defense looks insane, but WOW, the offense looks like crap-ola. Romo had some horrible throws, the line is not opening up the running attack. The Cowboys are only down 0-7, but it could be alot worse. The offense better make a solid drive ending with some TDs asap, or its going to be a huge lose. Share

Last Updated: Monday, October 8, 2007

The Cowboys go into Buffalo as the last undefeated team in the NFC. The Packers dropped one to the Bears. It seems like forever since the Cowboys last game, but fans remain pumped over this upcoming game. A win over the Bills will further solidify their supremacy atop the NFC. The Cowboys cannot take the Bills lightly, they do have some strong points in their game despite being banged up. They have a solid running back in Marshawn Lynch and he’ll be the first good back the Cowboys have faced this season and their special teams are also solid with McGee and Parrish. Keys to Victory Same as always, limit turnovers, limit stupid penalties, sustain drives, create pressure and earn some take aways. If we do all this, we will win the game. The Bills cannot double team all our offensive weapons. Romo knows this, and his quick throw will punish the Bills defense. Go for the fast start this week. The Patriots come to town next week, and these guys have been very consistent with the fast start, so the Cowboys need to see if we can execute a fast start in a real game. So, let’s do what we do in the 2nd half, and smother the Bills for 4 quarters. Pressure Edwards Early The Cowboys defense

Last Updated: Monday, October 8, 2007

We’re five weeks into the regular season, and some teams are taking shape into Contenders, while others are looking doomed. I’ll take a look at the League in general, and update you on our draft positioning through week 5. AFC East: Patriots, Bills, Jets, Dolphins The Patriots are clearly the front runners in the East at 5-0, and the rest probably won’t make any sort of impact. The Bills are too banged up right now, they have Edwards as their starting QB, so there will be some growing pains there, and if Losman returns, they are still the same team. Losman is a near bust. The Jets are another horrible team, and need some players to step if they want a chance. The Dolphins are in trouble, these guys are just about down for the count and would need to reel off 5 straight wins to be back in any sort of wildcard race down the line. AFC North: Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bengals The Steelers are one of the top teams in the AFC this year, and they will win the North. After the Steelers, I think its completely open. The Ravens, Browns, and Bengals all have issues on both sides of the ball, and who ever wins more games within this division will probably earn a wildcard, but

Last Updated: Sunday, October 7, 2007

While all the contract talk has been revolving Tony Romo, there is another key impact player that will need to get a new sparkling contract done very soon as well – Marion Barber III. Marion Barber has just about entrenched himself as the “goto” man when critical drives are on the line. Barber energizes the team and the roaring crowds of Texas Stadium. It’s my belief the Cowboys will stick with the two-back system even if Julius Jones leaves, which I think he will. There will be several teams looking to sign Jones; teams like, the Packers, Giants, Raiders, or Eagles. Barber has voided the last year of his rookie contract, so he will be a Restricted Free Agent at the end of the season if he is not given a new contract sometime before then. Getting Barber a new deal should be a high priority. If the Cowboys wait until the offseason, the Cowboys will give Barber the highest tender. This would mean if the Cowboys did not match an offer from another team, then the Cowboys would get a 1st and 3rd round pick. You can just about guarantee there will be some teams that will give that up for Barber at this stage of his career. Last season, it was rumored that some teams

Last Updated: Thursday, October 4, 2007

NFL Network’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Cowboys and Romo are far apart on contract talks, and there’s not much interaction between the two sides. Schefter is reporting that the Cowboys have two backup options if Romo is not given a new contract by season’s end. The Non-exclusive Franchise Tag Basically this means Romo would earn about $10.7 million dollars for 2008. If the Cowboys slap the non-exclusive franchise tag on Romo, it will allow other teams to sign Dallas’ quarterback to an offer sheet, potentially include a poison pill, and then be forced to compensate the Cowboys with two first-round picks in return. The Exclusive Franchise Tag Basically this means no team could negotiate with Romo, but the Cowboys would pay Romo the average of the top five quarterbacks in the league which would be at least $14 million dollars for 2008. More from Schefter: Unless Romo is signed to a long-term extension –- and no talks have occurred recently and none are scheduled in the future -– Dallas is going to have little choice but to use its exclusive franchise tag on its quarterback. Otherwise, the Cowboys will be inviting other teams to lure away

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