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Last Updated: Thursday, October 4, 2007

Excuse me will I gloat a little.. The Dallas Cowboys may be a few years from their last Super Bowl, but they are the favorite football team among adults who follow professional football, rising one spot since last year. Since this survey began in 1998, the Cowboys have always been in one of the top four positions, usually in the top two. The Indianapolis Colts have continued their steady rise in the rankings and move up one spot, from No. 3 last year to No 2 this year. In 1999, the Colts were tied for No. 27 and have moved up each year since. Rounding out the top five are the Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 3, dropping from No. 1 last year), the Green Bay Packers (remaining at No. 4) and the Chicago Bears (No. 5, moving up one spot). Jacksonville was the least popular NFL franchise for the third straight year. (Yahoo) Share

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Romo has said in some recent interviews that he has set several goals for each week, and his strong play and command of the offense has landed him the title of NFC Player of the Month. Anyone still wondering if Romo has put the Seattle game behind him? Its an after thought, and this guy cannot be shaken. Think you can rattle Romo? Not happening. Keep the Romomentum going! Quarterback Tony Romo, who has led the Cowboys to a 4-0 start, was named the NFC offensive player of the month for September. The Cowboys are 4-0 for the first time since 1995. Romo has completed 72 of 121 passes for 1,199 yard and 11 touchdowns with three interceptions. His touchdown total is second in the league behind New England’s Tom Brady, who has 13. The Cowboys play at Buffalo on Monday night. (Star-Telegram) Share

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We recently found out Greg Ellis received a new contract, but more of a tweaking of his original contract. This new contract was initiated by Jerry Jones, and just continues to show his willingness to make his players happy to play for him. With Ellis on the field against the Rams, it kinda makes you wonder if this whole injury thing was being overdone in order to leverage a better contract for Ellis. Whichever it is, I’m glad Ellis is back, he was an immediate impact in his debut. With Ellis back, I expect Ware’s sacks to jump up. Here’s what Jerry said about the redone contract: “This was not a conventional redo on a contract,” Jones said. “Greg had an insurance policy that had some pretty tight terms in there, that should he come back and play, when he came back and played, he had four games to evaluate and see if his injury was going to be potentially a career-ending injury. If it were, he had potentially quite a settlement coming from his insurance company and if it were not then forever hold your peace. So he had really been very cautious and conservative in coming back. That injury can be a year in healing, but can heal quicker than that, and

Last Updated: Monday, October 1, 2007

Sounds like Jacques Reeves will continue to start, this time as Henry’s replacement. Henry has suffered a high ankle sprain, and its one of those nagging type injuries that could take time to fully heal. Henry had nagging injuries last year, but was able to play through them; however, his production was horrible. I warned about this a few posts ago. With Terence Newman back, and Henry on the opposite side, you will see QBs attacking at will against Henry again. Now with Henry being banged up, you can guarantee a few blown plays coming up. Here’s the latest from Phillips labeled Henry “real iffy” for next Monday night’s game at Buffalo because high ankle sprains, which involve ligaments above the ankle joint, typically require longer recovery time. Running back Julius Jones missed three games and parts of a fourth with a high ankle sprain in 2005. The Cowboys will have an extra day to evaluate Henry because of the Monday night game. “Now it’s not a severe one they say, but still normally if it’s a high ankle sprain it’s like four weeks,” Phillips said of Henry’s injury. “If it’s not severe, it may be

Last Updated: Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Cowboys have placed themselves atop the NFC, and are a step or two above the rest of the NFC this year. The Cowboys put on another offensive assault at the Rams expense. Romo Mania is on fire again! Can anyone stop this offensive juggernaut? Right now the Cowboys are on a collision course with NFL Supremacy at stake when they play the Patriots in week 6. The usual suspects looked solid against the lowly Rams. A couple of Gameballs probabaly get handed out to Tony Romo and the Offensive Line. Greg Ellis came back and played, and made his presence known. This defense is really coming along each and every week. For the most part, everyone looked good on defense. Hamlin is looking more comfortable roaming around in the secondary, and looks to be the part now. Anthony Henry suffered some sort of ankle injury, preliminary x-rays came back negative, so Henry’s status for the next game are questionable at this point. We’ll see how the ankle looks this week. We could see Newman back in along with Reeves. BOX SCORE  Share

Last Updated: Sunday, September 30, 2007

Labeled as a potential trap game for the simple fact the Cowboys are expected to destroy the wounded Rams, this game should be an easy win. But the Cowboys must remain vigilant and focused on the task at hand – domination. We’ve got Aikman’s A-crew for this game. Quick message to Joe Buck, its the “Ring of Honor” not the Ring of Fame! He always finds a way to screw that up, and what’s worse is that Aikman doesn’t correct him, get it right Buck! Keys to Victory The Cowboys must not underestimate the Rams offense, mainly the passing game. If the Cowboys do not get to Bulger on a regular basis I will be shocked and amazed. The Cowboys are facing a beatup offensive line that has kept Bulger on his heels all year long. Bulger is listed as probable with broken ribs, so a few good hits and pressures should do the trick. If Bulger feels the pressure, he’ll be quicker to pull the trigger on an errant pass rather than take the sack and risk getting his ribs more broken. The Cowboys haven’t been a fast start team this whole year, which I attribute to Garrett’s overall game strategy of proding and poking against the defense. As usual,

Last Updated: Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rick Herrin of the Star-Telegram has an article right now suggesting CB Anthony Henry is the Cowboys MVP so far. Don’t get me wrong I am all for the success Henry is enjoying right now, and its a great moral victory for himself and the rest of the defense; however, to think he’s the MVP so far is a gross injustice to reality. Pick a player on offense and you will find your real MVP for this team. You can make a solid argument that Terrell Owens, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, or Marion Barber are the MVP of this team. Henry has a long way to go. Fans should not be blinded by the whopping four INTs Henry has right now, and think he’s reverted back to his shutdown days in Cleveland. Henry is Henry, you can be wishful, but I am telling you right now…When Newman comes back to anchor opposite Henry, QBs will target Henry again, and he will get ripped like he has in previous seasons. Henry is enjoying success because QBs are throwing to Jacques Reeves because his man coverage is even worse than Henry’s. I think some of his team mates still question Henry’s coverage skills with small indirect comments like: “He’s been the MVP so far,” said Bradie

Last Updated: Thursday, September 27, 2007

I got together with our Football Rivals Network affiliate site, and conducted a brief Q&A covering the upcoming game between the Cowboys and Rams. CowboysBlog.Net: We know the Rams are pretty banged up on both sides of the ball, do you see the Rams having any chance at all in winning this game? StLouisRamsX.Com: No way, the Cowboys are rolling right now. We have no answer for TO, have perennially had difficulties with good TEs, but we may be able to contain the running game. The Cowboys will get their points, but the old Rams used to be able to match teams point-for-point. No longer. Brian Leonard isn’t too much of a dropoff from Steven Jackson but when your OL is shot to pieces, you need the bull to drive the pile. Those extra 2-3 yards really make a difference and I don’t think Leonard has the same power. The Cowboys defense doesn’t really scare me but this watered-down offense won’t be able to do enough to keep up. CB: On offense or defense, who could be your playermakers against the Cowboys? SLRX:  The playmakers on offense should be the usual suspects, but they’re being held back by coaching. Bulger probably can’t go

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Cowboys have been playing at a whole new level this year, and with that success comes some big fat contracts for two if our major stars on offense; Romo and Barber. Romo is expected to get a new deal, and supposedly talks are continueing between Romo’s camp and Jerry. At this point, the talks do not seem deep in discussion, but with every game Romo puts in the bag, he’ll be adding big bucks to his contract. The Cowboys could actually use the dreaded franchise tag on Romo for two straight years if they wanted to, but the Cowboys won’t do that. So far, Romo is putting in some All-Pro numbers and winning games with his decision making on the field and that’s what we need for years to come. Romo is our QB, and it would be wise to lock him up sooner than later. There’s no rush by either side, and by the way Romo is playing, he may not be in any rush either. I’m sure he knows with every win he’s adding another couple of million to his overall contract. Marion Barber hired Drew Rosenhaus as his new agent, and that means he’s going to get big buck$, and he will get the money he’ll be looking for. Barber is a huge asset and a big contributor

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The latest NFL Power Rankings are out, and the Cowboys remain in the top five in most of the major media outlets. The Colts and Patriots are still the two top main teams atop these power rankings, and rightfully so, these teams are consistent season-to-season contenders, and nothing short of the Super Bowl is their goal. A few have the Steelers above us, which I don’t agree with. They have a good defense, but the offense is nothing spectacular. Here are the rankings from around the web: FOX Sports: #4 Far and away the NFC’s most impressive team through three weeks of the season, the Cowboys rolled past the defending conference champion Bears 34-10 in Chicago on Sunday night. Tony Romo had his way with the highly touted Bears D, tossing for 329 yards and a touchdown in the win. More impressive than the offensive effort was the Dallas D. The Cowboys picked off Bears quarterback Rex Grossman three times and held the Bears to only 75 yards rushing. Wade Phillips has Dallas at 3-0 and in the driver’s seat in the NFC East. The Cowboys take on the winless Rams next week. ESPN: #3 Who knew the Oct. 14 matchup against the Patriots might be the Super Bowl preview? Facing the

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Cowboys have managed to roll out three wins, and there should be some more solid wins coming from this monstrous offensive juggernaut in the coming weeks. While the news is great in Dallas, the news in Cleveland is somber and bleak. The Browns are still a horrible team. The Browns made a trade with the Cowboys to get Brady Quinn, and in doing so, we own their first round pick. We want as many loses as possible from the lowly Browns. The outlook for the Browns looks bad. Right now the Browns are reeling at 1-2, and the defense was supposed to be their strong point but the defense is giving up tons of real estate in their past three games. The Browns made Oakland look like the Indianapolis Colts. At least, they allowed 396 yards – Peyton Manning’s juggernaut is averaging 398.3. For the year, the Browns are giving up a staggering 430.7 yards a game. Only the Bills (458.3) are worse. ( You simply will not win a lot of games like that; moreover, a horrible offense makes it that much more depressing for Cleveland fans. Its good to see the Bills are even worse on defense than the Browns, our offense should be able to kick their teeth in and more. Let’s look

Last Updated: Monday, September 24, 2007

Its not hype, its not luck, it is Dallas Cowboys Football, and we’re back. We are a juggernaut in the NFC, and the sky is the limit with this new found power on offense. The Rams are 0-3, so the storyline will be, Let’s keep it going full speed and don’t lose in this potential trap game. The Cowboys should have a relatively easy task hosting the Rams this upcoming Sunday. In addition, is reporting that Steven Jackson has a slight tear in his left groin, he suffered the injury last week in the 4th quarter – he is OUT for week 4. Makes the Cowboys job much easier. We might just kill the heck out of the Rams now. 2nd Half Superiority I’ve been writing about this for awhile, and everyone has finally caught up. Media outlets are noticing that Jason Garrett is the boss with his methodical game planning and his mastery of slicing up opposing defenses like an emergency room doctor, he’s just surgical, and when he finds the weakness in the defense he’ll make the defense pay and put them to sleep. Like I said before, there’s a goal at hand with the slow starts, and the strong finishes. Wade Phillips talks about the strong finishes: “I

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