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Last Updated: Sunday, August 26, 2007

If you call this a dress rehearsal game, then we’re in trouble. What a complete disaster from beginning to the end. The offense was putrid, and the defense looked unenthused. Lack of discipline just reared its ugly head in this game. What happened tonight was an embarrassment, and a let down, but its good to bring the Cowboys down to earth after seeming to be unstoppable in our last two outings. There’s just a whole litany of things that went wrong tonight. A good ass whipping is just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully lessons will be learned, and the team can refocus on the task at hand, a Super Bowl. Who was on? On the positive side, Bradie James is indeed back. He has played well throughout the preseason, and looked outstanding tonight. He probably get’s a gameball for all his efforts. James has really come on in this new defensive scheme. As predicted, Sam Hurd got a lot of reps in tonight, and he continues to look good as a possession receiver. Who was off? This list could go on forever, so I’ll keep it nice and concise: Special Teams continues to suffer. I’m not quite sure Bruce Read is getting the job done here, and I just knew that the Texans were

Last Updated: Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Battle for Texas, The Governor’s Cup is tonight. I’ll be at Reliant Stadium tonight, deep in the heart of the enemy. I’m sure the crowd will be electrified as the game should be at full capacity. Houston hates the Cowboys, and Cowboys fans can’t stand Texans fans either. It should be a great time. Let’s hope the Cowboys can bring home another victory, but more importantly, return home injury free. Be sure to join our fan packed message boards to discuss the action as it happens. Kickoff: 7PM (CST), Reliant Stadium, Local CBS Markets NFL Network Replay: Sunday, 7AM (CST) Live Gamecenter: NFL Gameday Graphical Feed Streaming Audio Feed: Streaming Video Feed: (sopcast player required, get it HERE) Here’s a small preview of the upcoming game: HOUSTON — (AP) Wade Phillips was an assistant with the Houston Oilers when he met Gary Kubiak, then a high school student and ball boy for the team. Thirty years later the two, who are now close friends, will meet again when Kubiak and the Houston Texans host

Last Updated: Saturday, August 25, 2007

My how the tune has changed for Cowboys Nation, you see it on all the message boards, and blogs, “Newman is out, the sky is falling” I’ve been saying this all along, our first pick should focus on a top tier CB, not on McFadden, who is all but assured to be holdout headache for someone. I’m not onboard the D-Mac train, instead I’m on the CB train. Here’s what I said in regards to our 2008 draft: As for what position we may need to address in the draft, its early, but you would have to say CB, and WR would be atop the list of priority needs. After Newman, there’s a big drop in coverage. There’s Henry, but no one seems confident in him lately. The young CBs on the team, aren’t even at Henry’s level, so that’s a position of concern. I had predicted a solid win over the Texans this coming Saturday, but with Newman out the rest of the preseason, you will see our CBs exploited, and the importance of at least having two shutdown corners will become more pronounced. Henry and Glenn will be the starters, and watch out. Glenn has lost a step, and has never been a good cover corner while in Dallas. Henry, well we all know

Last Updated: Friday, August 24, 2007

With this week being the dress rehearsal for most teams, we’re drawing closer to the regular season. Some teams have bolstered their rosters with free agents, while others have replenished via the draft. The NFL season is always unpredictable, but I’ll take my stab at the NFL season. What’s everyone’s predictions for the upcoming NFL season? Do you agree or strongly disagree? Join the predictions at the message boards now and give your 2cents! NFC East Dallas Cowboys(2) Philadelphia Eagles NY Giants Washington Redskins NFC North Chicago Bears(3) Detroit Lions(6) Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers NFC South New Orleans Saints(1) Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atlanta Falcons NFC West Seattle Seahawks(4) San Fransisco 49ers(5) Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Rams Wildcard Weekend 49ers(5) @ Seahawks(4) Lions(6) @ Bears(3) Divisional Playoffs 49ers(5) @ Saints(1) Bears(3) @ Cowboys(2) NFC Conference Championship Cowboys(2) @ Saints(1) AFC East New England Patriots (2) NY Jets (5) Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills AFC North Baltimore Ravens (4) Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns AFC South Indianapolis Colts (3) Houston Texans Tennessee Titans Jacksonville

Last Updated: Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Dallas Cowboys’ projected starting receiving tandem of Terrell Owens, 33, and Terry Glenn, 33, will be the NFL’s oldest this season. Following the Cowboys in the top five: St. Louis, Torry Holt, 31, and Isaac Bruce, 34; N.Y. Giants, Plaxico Burress, 30, and Amani Toomer, 33; Indianapolis, Marvin Harrison, 35, and Reggie Wayne, 28; and Chicago, Bernard Berrian, 26, and Mushin Muhammad 34 (AP). There’s no question Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn are star receivers, and one of the best tandems in the league, question is, how much longer can they hold up. I think Owens has a bit more tread to use than Glenn. Glenn has been bitten with the injury bug a bit more in recent years, particularly with his knees. Will we hit with the Stanback pick, or are we planning on targeting someone in next years draft? Probably a combo of the two. Owens and Glenn are hard to replace, they are just that good, so the Cowboys will need a solid contingency plan soon. Share

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 22, 2007

According to the DMN, Marion Barber has hired the notorious, Drew Rosehaus, the master of contract negotiations. Rosenhaus has added running back Marion Barber to his client list, joining teammate Terrell Owens. Barber had been agent-less for a little spell, having been on a search for a few weeks. Rosenhaus said he spoke with Cowboys VP Stephen Jones on Tuesday and hopes to have some talks with the club about a new contract when the time is right. Barber is scheduled to be a restricted free agent following the season. At the very least the Cowboys will have to put the first- or second-round tender on Barber next off-season. Barber joins a stable of stud running backs represented by Rosenhaus and his brother, Jason: Edgerrin James, Frank Gore, Fred Taylor, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis and, interestingly, Julius Jones’ brother, Thomas. Rosenhaus has taken some hits for his “next question,” press conference when Owens was in Philadelphia, but he is good at what he does and there is a reason why players sign with him (DMN). What could this mean for Barber? I wouldn’t look too much into this, but just the fact that you have Rosenhaus in your corner means, you could

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Terry Glenn suffered a knee injury just five days into camp, and had arthroscopic surgery on August 1st. So Glenn (33), has had a few weeks to heal, and as expected, the Cowboys are being very cautious with his return. Glenn is targeting the season opener to return to the field. Coach Phillips said Glenn, “probably will practice the day after we play Minnesota.” Dallas plays the Vikings in its last preseason game Aug. 30, which is 10 days before the Sept. 9 season opener against the New York Giants. “Everything has been going according to plan, so Terry should be all right,” Phillips said. “He knows what to do and he knows how to do it. And as long as he’s ready physically, I think he’ll be ready to do it.” In the meantime, its Hurd time. Sam Hurd has clearly been penciled in as the #4 WR right now, but you can expect Hurd to get in more time against the Texans this Saturday. Hurd has had a solid camp, and has continued and improved upon what he did last year. More reps and more playing time against the Texans will help Hurd, in case Glenn is not completely ready for the Giants opener. Hurd is a very viable backup, and could be ready to

Last Updated: Monday, August 20, 2007

There’s a new Video Blog site out there called BleacherBloggers, and its an interesting concept. They basically talk about todays latest sports news from other sports blogs on the net, and they offer their own commentary along with that. Tomorrow, they will be talking about an article I did about the Cowboys vs. Denver, the Overview article to be specific. Stop by tomorrow and check it out: (the link will work tomorrow between 12-1pm EST) Share

Last Updated: Monday, August 20, 2007

This is the preseason game, I always look forward to every year. I can’t stand the Houston Texans, and never liked the Houston Oilers either. Growing up on the outskirts of Houston was challenging because of my die hard loyalties to the Cowboys. I have my father to thank for that, and now I’ve passed this on to my son. We went to training camp in San Antonio, and we’ll be there this Saturday cheering on the only real team in Texas, our Dallas Cowboys. Alright, I got that out of my system, let’s get down to my thoughts on the state of the Texans. Being that I live in the Houston area, I know everything about these loser Texans. Since the Texans came on the scene they have been losers. The cause of their failures can be linked to one man and one man alone, Charlie Casserly. Casserly single handedly destroyed this team from the get go. Think about all the draft picks the Texans have ever drafted, and there’s TWO players that are very good in my opinion, CB Dunta Robinson and  WR Andre Johnson. Casserly drafted a lot of draft busts in all rounds. David Carr, injury prone Dominick Davis, Benny Joppru, Travis Johnson,  and Jason Babin to name a few. Casserly’s

Last Updated: Monday, August 20, 2007

The preseason is half over, and injuries around the league are piling up at an exponential rate. The Cowboys got a few scares in our last game, but nothing too major. Here’s the latest injury reports (DMN): Look for cornerback Quincy Butler and defensive end Jason Hatcher to return to practice this week. Coach Wade Phillips said there is nothing new on Greg Ellis’ return. Tight end Anthony Fasano sounded more optimistic about his shoulder injury than Phillips did. Fasano said he expects to practice Tuesday but Phillips was awaiting word from the trainers. Fasano has been bothered by this injury since last year. He re-injured it earlier in the off-season and had the shoulder driven into the turf in the second quarter vs. Denver. Not sounding too alarmed, Fasano said if it was a regular season game he would have returned. Running back Jackie Battle is sporting a boot on his left ankle. He’s picked the wrong time to get hurt. I expect Jason Hatcher to be fully involved once he returns to the field. In my opinion he posseses a better pash rush than Spears, but to Spears’ credit he appears to be a different player this year. So, in the end, Spears and Hatcher should

Last Updated: Sunday, August 19, 2007

The game is over, and the first things that stand out are the defense. The defense showed a few different things tonight, and they stepped it up again with a strong showing on 3rd down defense. These guys are playing with a mission, more intensity, swarming to the ball. We’re seeing a whole other level of defense out there now. Jason Garrett has this offense firing on all cylinders; moreover, he keeps the offensive scheme fresh and dynamic. Gone are the predictable, boring offensive gameplans. The gameplan was executed to near perfection by both sides of the ball. Offensively, the team was well balanced with 190 yards rushing and 178 yards passing. The Cowboys also took over with time of posession with 35:03. Who stood out tonight: The running backs, every single one was on point tonight. Julius has the quick burst and had pretty good runs in his somewhat limited appearance. Barber has the brutal runs. Barber’s style really pumps you up, and makes you want the season to start right now, very hard running with 2 TDs and Thompson with this superior speed. Thompson was solid in the return game and in rushing. Thompson has officially locked up his roster spot. Jacques Reeves

Last Updated: Saturday, August 18, 2007

MVP of the 2nd half has to be CB Joey Thomas. Thomas furthered his climb up the ladder, and looks to be the #5 CB. The defense stayed solid with the #2s and other backups. Tyson Thompson is solid. Austin stunk it up again in the 2nd half, not sure what happened to him tonight. On the other hand, Stanback got on the field and performed Stanback made a TD. Here are my notes from the 2nd half: 3rd Quarter game begins with delay of game on kickoff, 5yrd penalty Watkins, Jay Ratliff, Bowen, Glymph, Reeves, Ayodele, Carpenter at ILB, by Burnett, Spencer still in. Joey Thomas comes in as well Patrick Ramsey is in at QB for DEN Carpenter at LB, and DE on another play. Ayodele getting a good look tonight, could he be separating himself from the rest of the guys? Jeremy Urban is at PR now Brad Johnson is the QB Miles Austin still in there, messes up yet again…just a horrible game Carpenter back at DE, Glymph on DE in Nickle Defense Joey Thomas knock away deep pass, good play Offense takes over, Stanback is in at WR! Tyson Thompson is in at RB, nothing doing. punt. Nate Jones gave up a big TD, no good… (24-13)End 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Cowboys have first possession to start the

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