The Lone Roy Williams Fan?

Let me just preface this post by saying I like Roy Williams, he’s a great guy, and makes some big hits, and makes big plays throughout the year; however, after last nights game, a majority of Cowboys Nation are ready to throw him under the bus or trade him. I am not on that bandwagon, yet. Yes, Roy cannot cover man-to-man, but what other strong safeties can? Ed Reed, and maybe Sean Dawkins, that’s it, out of 32 teams. I’m still on the fence on this whole debate, but lean more towards supporting Roy.

I pose this question, if you want to get rid of Roy Williams, who would you replace him with?

The Roy Williams Time Line

2002 was Roy’s rookie year and he was playing at FS, and Darren Woodson was playing at SS, but our starting CBs at the time were Mario Edwards and Duane Hawthorne. Roy had 5 INTS his rookie year, and was embraced by fans. We finished 5-11 that year.

2003 saw Parcells taking over as HC, and the Cowboys upgrading at CB by drafting Terence Newman, opposite Newman was Mario Edwards again. This would be the last season Darren Woodson would ever play. Roy had 2 INTS. Cowboys finish 10-6 with Quincy Carter at QB.

2004 Roy remained at FS, and the Cowboys had a mixture of players at SS, that being Tony Dixon and Lynn Scott. At CB, it was Newman and Pete Hunter. Roy had 2 INTS. Cowboys finish 6-10, a disastrous season. Testaverde at QB. At this point, Fans still loved Roy, he could do no wrong, the problems that year where the QB, CB, and SS.

2005 had Roy moving to SS for the first time, and a shot up Keith Davis played at FS. The CBs were Newman and Henry, and the Cowboys moved to a 3-4 from a 4-3. Bledsoe at QB. Roy had 3 INTS. Cowboys finished 9-7 and no playoffs. Bad play on defense and offense held the Cowboys out of the playoffs. 2005 is perhaps when the whole Roy is overrated tag comes onto the scene.

2006 was the 2nd year for Roy Williams in the 3-4. The FS spot was suspect the year before, so rookie Pat Watkins takes over, and the instability in the secondary continues. Greg Ellis goes down, and soon after, the defensive meltdown was on. Roy had 5 INTS. Cowboys finished 9-7, and 1 and done in the wild card bracket.

The one thing you’ll notice over previous seasons is the big attrition in the secondary, and absolutely nothing consistent. Roy made some changes going from the 4-3 to the 3-4, and now he’s in his 3rd year in the 3-4; however, this is another form of the 3-4 – the Phillips 34. So again, another change for Roy at SS, and another player at FS, Ken Hamlin.

As I finish this article, I find myself almost defending Roy Williams’ play. To me, he hasn’t had anything solid around him, no one at FS, and now yet another new system. Yes, against the Giants he had some questionable coverage plays, but at the same time, he’s a safety. He’s the safety net for the CB, he’s not the starting CB and SS at the same time. With Newman out, you’re going to see more of the same until Newman returns. Jacques Reeves played like crap last night. He had that INT because Burress fell down, nothing he did to deflect the ball, or anything special. On the other TDs, Reeves got burnt, and on the last TD to Burress, Reeves was chasing Burress and looked like he gave up on the chase and let Roy take the burn.

Again, who would you put in Roy’s place? Essentially, some fans are spoiled, they want an Ed Reed. Well, sorry people, there’s only one Ed Reed out there, other than him, who would you trade for, who would you draft. The problems are the CB, the depth and QUALITY at CB, and FS. Is Hamlin the answer at FS? Did you see that stupidity, the personal foul he pulled that kept the drive alive for the Giants. Stupid, just stupid, and in front of the ref to top it off. I am not sold on Hamlin. Watkins is not the answer either, grooming and all that jive are out the window. We need a top pedigree there. Laron Landry would have been ideal.

Roy is just a piece of the puzzle in the secondary. Henry is average, as are most of Parcells’ free agent acquisitions. The whole “I’m in the talent acquisition business” went bankrupt. Which free agent has done crap for us under Parcells? Kosier? He’ll be upgraded next season, as will Henry, what about Ayodele, is he kinda good?, he’s not great. Terry Glenn doesn’t count, that was a trade with the Packers.

Fact is, we don’t have a championship secondary, and Newman’s absence highlights the deficiencies.

Here’s someone else’s view and take on Roy Williams:

I know that Roy was voted to the Pro Bowl last year. What I do not know is why. Williams was and is the Cowboys biggest deterrent to winning. It appears that some people are so blinded by the big hits he makes that it restricts their vision from seeing the worst player in all of football when it comes to playing the deep ball. I figured with a new coaching staff that the Cowboys first issue this year would be to either make Williams a linebacker, or to trade him to some other team who equates huge hits with being able to cover in the secondary.

The whole turn Roy into a LB is stupid, he doesn’t have the size to be a LB, did you see him get blown up by those fat boys on the Giants offensive line? forget that. Who would you trade him for, a player, a draft pick for next year? Which player at SS next year is worth a 1st round pick or 2nd or 3rd round and can start? More quick-draw nonsense.

More venom:

Roy Williams last night by himself turned a game that should have been a laugher into a tough one. The Cowboys can not expect to put up 45 points in every game and have the luxury of playing a guy like Williams who gives up three touchdowns a game. Sooner or later it is going to hurt them. Scratch that, it already has. It was Williams terrible play that got Dallas knocked out of the playoffs last year, not Tony Romo’s.

Again, no mention of Jacques Reeves, the starting CB. Roy is not the starting CB and starting SS on this team. Jacques Reeves got torched and Roy gets the brunt of the blame, while Reeves gets a gameball. C’mon, the gameball was given to Reeves as a confidence builder for Reeves, he played like crap. I understand why Coach Phillips did that.

Roy Williams is still very much a part of this dynamic defense, we still need more quality players though

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