Parcells Comments on Ferguson and Newman Injuries

Parcells still has his eye on the Cowboys and offers this bit of analysis on the Cowboys:

The Dallas Cowboys got off to a good start with their 45-35 victory over the New York Giants. The 45 speaks for itself, but the 35 will need to be addressed quickly.

Based on what I saw and who was playing, the Cowboys need to get CB Terence Newman back on the field as soon as possible. They also need one of their backup cornerbacks to emerge as a quality No. 3 option. The sooner players such as CBs Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones are able to function effectively behind the starters, the better the Cowboys’ defense will be.

Also, the season-ending injury to DT Jason Ferguson is going to be an issue. He is the most experienced inside defensive lineman on the team. His absence will definitely hurt Dallas. (ESPN)

I would say this is about what all of Cowboys Nation is aware of too, its just interesting to here it from the Parcells as well. I couldn’t agree more with the Tuna.

I’m confident Phillips will make some adjustments for the Dolphins, and we’ll see what happens. One thing is for sure, we have the better offense, and the Dolphins secondary is very suspect, as is their run defense; Portis and Betts had their way with them. Can you imagine the devastation Barber and Jones will inflict?

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