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During tonights game, we received official word from the family of his passing and I wanted to share a piece of my friendship with DCFanatic / Brian Gallagher.

In 2003, I started CowboysBlog.Net, and literally the first guy that reached out to me was Brian back around 2004 and he working on his blog as well, it was called and we communicated over email and over phone over the years, but the one thing I remember the most about Brian was his true commitment to covering the Dallas Cowboys 24/7. lives on in archive format, and you can see his early work, even back then you could see his dedication, with all his articles and graphics. He did it all. As any blogger will tell you, this is more than just a hobby, it’s really another job and takes a lot of work and time, not just anybody can pull off a blog. Brian pulled it off and his online presence grew exponentially over the years.

I had done a few radio type internet shows with others, but when Brian approached me with doing some shows with him it was legit, and he never once flaked out. He did all the production,and back in 2005, there weren’t any audio blogging sites to host shows or none that we knew of at the time, so we would script what we wanted to cover. I would record my pieces and send them to Brian and he would piece everything together, with commercial breaks and the whole 9. When you would hear the broadcasts it was seamless and very enjoyable, the feedback was great.

We collaborated early on between our sites during our infancy and he did some nice pieces as an editorial guest back when I had my site on Blogspot. You can check out some of Brian’s early work in one his early editorials here, and just like the Brian we all know, you can read and feel the passion.

Like Brian, my site was independent and continues to be, and I think the thing I really admired the most about Brian’s sites were his blunt, and honest truth about the Cowboys. Whether it was his blog of his talk show he started later, he spoke whatever was on his mind and it didn’t matter if you liked it or not, he would get his opinion out there. Brian’s bravado was unmatched though, he was operating at a whole other level and I enjoyed following him over the years and always kept up with his site changes and iterations over the years.

The Draft was some of Brian’s favorite stuff, and he covered it so well over the years, even in this past draft he created a whole player database and really introduced so many fans to ,which he then let everyone submit those mock drafts to his site. As a solo blogger and independent all the work he did was truly amazing.

In closing, I was sifting through all my emails and when Brian reached out to me to collaborate between our sites, this was what he said:

I would love to do this. I am currently the
> webmaster/owner of
> I have the time and energy for this project just let
> me know the parameters. I hope you don’t consider it
> a conflict of interest that I have my own site as we
> are all on the same team – We All Love the Cowboys
> and We All Hate The Eagles!!!
> Hoping to hear from you soon,    

> Brian Gallagher
> Webmaster

It was a great friendship and I’ll cherish it always, and just like he said back then, “We All Love the Cowboys and We All Hate The Eagles!!!” Yes we do Brian. May you rest in peace brother.

My dearest condolences to Brian’s family and friends.


Joe Rodriguez, Site Owner. CowboysBlog.Net

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