Jay Ratliff is Jimmie Jones

I’ve  been trying to figure out who Jay Ratliff plays like. He’s been a solid pick for us since we drafted him in 2005. Ware, Spears, Burnett, and Canty were the other defensive players drafted that year. Ratliff is getting a lot more attention these days since starting NT Jason Ferguson is out for the rest of the year. So in watching him play against the Giants you can see he really does go after the QB.  It hit me during the game, Ratliff has this same high motor, explosiveness off the snap that another solid defensive tackle we had during our Super Bowl runs, Jimmie Jones. Jones was drafted in  the 3rd round back in 1990, and played exceptionally well. Ratliff plays like Jimmie Jones, same build, and similar size at 6-4. Jimmie Jones still shares the most fumble recoveries in Super Bowl history:Jimmie Jones, Dallas vs. Buffalo, 1993 (2 opp.) Man, the memories, there’s definitely a lot of ’90s nostalgia going around Cowboys Nation, and I’m a main proliferator.
I think we can expect the same type of play from Ratliff, this guy is a beast up and down the line.

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