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More reason for the Washington Deadskins to hate America’s beloved team, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are now the NFL’s most valuable NFL Franchise in league history. Take that you loser Redskin fans!

AP – The Dallas Cowboys wrested the title of the NFL’s most valuable franchise from the rival Redskins, knocking Washington off the top of the list for the first time in eight years, according to Forbes magazine’s annual survey.

Thanks to a new $1 billion stadium set to open in 2009, the Cowboys’ value increased by 28 percent — by far the largest jump among NFL teams this year — to $1.5 billion. They climbed from third to first in the rankings, leapfrogging the Redskins ($1.467 billion) and the New England Patriots ($1.199 billion).

The new stadium added about $350 million to the Cowboys’ value. Jerry Jones can now boast that he owns the world’s most valuable sports franchise, according to Forbes… The Cleveland Browns were the only franchise whose value decreased. They rank ninth at $969 million, down from $970 million.

Great stuff, we take over number, the Browns lose out, and we have their first rounder in 2008, which is almost assured to be a top 5 pick, go Brady Quinn!

Terry Glenn opted to have the minor arthroscopic surgery, rather than the potentially career ending microfracture surgery:

Dallas Cowboys receiver Terry Glenn underwent arthroscopic knee surgery Thursday morning to repair damaged cartilage in his right knee.

Glenn reinjured his knee last week when he tried to return to practice for the first time since the initial surgery Aug. 1 to remove a cyst. That was a week into training camp.

“At this point, I feel that if there is a chance I could play this year, then I was willing to take the risk out of it to help my team win the ultimate trophy,” Glenn told ESPN’s Ed Werder.

The risk to which Glenn refers is the possibility that the surgery might not correct the problem and that the 33-year-old wide receiver would require microfracture surgery that would prevent him from playing in 2007 and could jeopardize his NFL career. (ESPN)

We play the Dolphins on Sunday, and Zach Thomas remembers the disasterous game he had against the Cowboys back in 1996, his rookie season. Cowboys won 29-10:

The Dallas Cowboys will play in Miami on Sunday for the first time since 1996, when Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas was a rookie.

“I just remember I got so hyped up for that game because I’m from Texas,” said Thomas, a former Texas Tech star. “I was having a great year and I was really so up for it. I wanted to play so well.

“I played bad.”

The Cowboys won 29-10, and Thomas learned a lesson. He said he particularly remembers trying to cover Michael Irvin.

“He made me look bad,” Thomas said. “I just had no legs. I was all hyped up all week. That just shows: You can’t get hyped up early.”

Thomas is the only Miami player who was with the team in 1996. (AP)

Sorry to break the news to you again Zach, but we’re going to light up your defense, sorry bud.

Here’s what Coach Madden thinks of the Cowboys@Dolphins game:

The Cowboys are best when they go play action pass so they have to get their running game going, I like their offensive line they are a lot bigger, they can pound the ball at you, they fake that run and they have Jason Witten and Terrell Owens and they can do some damage over the middle. Tony Romo has so much confidence and then having a game like he did Sunday night is only going to build on that.

Now as good as their offense is looking, their defense looks bad. If you take out their best defensive back in Terence Newman and that is where the offense goes to work on. Their corners were kind of playing in no-mans land. They weren’t up bumping or taking anything away and they weren’t running back deep. They just kind of gave the Giants anything they wanted. Newman is such an important guy to this defense. He plays that left corner, their shut down corner, when they would go to nickel he would cover the slot so when they lose him they really lose two guys, their corner and their nickel back. Then the guys playing back there don’t have much confidence. Maybe it’s correctable but they need a lot better rush and a lot better coverage and a lot better tackling than they had against the Giants. (NBCSports)

Another Dallas vs. Miami Preview, good read.

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