Yes, Free Wade Wilson!

Fans are still uproared about the lack of punishment the Commissioner imposed on the cheating Bill Belichick, and today, Wade Wilson comments on what he believes is a double standard. Wilson was recently suspended five games due to his use of HGH for his own personal use to help with his diabetic condition. Considering that Wilson was suspended five games and Belicheat was not even suspended is a farce and a great injustice; moreover, this may lead Wilson to appeal his lengthy suspension:

From ESPN: “I would say there is definitely a double standard being applied here,” Wilson said Friday when reached at his home near the team’s practice facility. “I don’t want to be seen as a crybaby or as someone questioning the commissioner’s decision, but I see some major inconsistencies here.

“To me, they’re holding the organization accountable instead of the person.”

“I don’t want to bash the commissioner, but I definitely think there are some inconsistencies here. Intent was a big issue in my defense. What their [Patriots] intent was, I don’t know. But I was just taking my punishment, and I guess what the commissioner does with Belichick is his business, but I think there are some inconsistencies here.”

“I did something wrong, but I did it only to benefit myself, not to gain a competitive advantage,” Wilson said. “I accepted my punishment and moved on, but this is kind of a different deal. The percentage of my salary that I was fined is substantially more than the percentage he was fined as far as I can tell. I mean, $500,000 is nothing to laugh at — but neither is $100,000. The punishment is definitely not the same in my opinion.

“I’m contemplating whether to write a letter because I accepted the punishment for my violation, didn’t appeal and went about my business. All I’m asking for is an explanation, and I know exactly what the commissioner is going to say because I’ve read his comments, but it might make me feel better.”

I’m with Wade Wilson 100%, in fact, I hope he does go ahead with an appeal, and Goodell better make the correct amendments to the suspension. Wilson makes some solid points and the punishment does not match in comparison to what Belichick did or has been doing for years.’s Peter King also chimed in on the topic by saying:

When Dallas assistant coach Wade Wilson got suspended five games and fined $100,000 this month for using the banned substance HGH to treat impotency, Goodell told him coaches have to be held to a higher standard.

Belichick was found guilty by Judge Goodell of “a calculated and deliberate attempt” to evade the spirit and letter of the NFL rules. You tell me: Finding one of the coaching giants of the game guilty of cheating, then fining him 12.5 percent of his salary, taking away one of his five first-day draft choices next April (assuming New England makes the playoffs) and not suspending him … is that holding this coach to a higher standard?

The DMN Blog is reporting that the Valley Ranch Locker Room is launching a “Free Wade Wilson Campaign” Well, I’m all for that, and I fully support, so get it done! Free Wade Wilson!

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