Romo’s Closest Teammate is…

Number 82, Jason Witten, is Romo’s closest teammate. Last season, fans thought Witten would have a dominating season; but, this did not happen. Witten was used in a predictable conservative offense that did not allow Witten to showcase his catching and route running skills. Witten scored just one TD in 2006. During the preseason, Witten looked to be Novacek reincarnated; and, further support of this rejuvenation came last week against the Giants. Romo to Witten was money all night long, and the Novacek comparisons are back. Witten had 6 catches for 116 yards and a TD. Are we short changing Witten though? Witten has had solid receptions since he arrived in Dallas, but this year, I think Witten will officially break out from Novacek’s shadow. Statistically speaking, Witten is on schedule to shatter all Cowboys TE’s records. No more of this, “he is the next Novacek” business. Witten is Witten and better than Novacek at this point in his career. We just need to get some Super Bowl rings.

Romo and Witten will shatter records together and have become the closest of teammates, and Romo acknowledges this fact:

“I doubt if I’ll ever be as close to a teammate again in my career for sure,” quarterback Tony Romo told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram of Witten. “It’s a special relationship where I feel like I know where he’s going to be on the field. I feel like we’ve practiced and done it a million times, we’ve talked about it a million times.”

Witten signed a new contract in July of 2006, worth about $29 million, and it included about $12 million in guarantees, so, Romo to Witten will be a staple in our offensive attack for years to come. Romo is the real deal and should be getting a new deal of his own this season. has this on Witten’s fantasy football value this year:

The aw-shucks kid from Tennessee has always been talented, but he now has numbers on his side as well. For his career, Witten is averaging 4.0 catches per game for 46.2 yards. However, in games started by his buddy Romo (by the way, you’ve gotta love when the guy on your fantasy roster is bff with the quarterback) those numbers shoot up to 4.5 catches and 57.5 yards per game. Even better, since Witten’s first Pro Bowl season in 2004, he’s averaged 5.7 catches for 70.6 yards and scored five times in the 12 games Glenn has missed. So even if Glenn returns later and Romo finds a new pal, Witten should at least continue his productivity for a few more weeks.

Many years from now, when Witten is retired, Cowboys fans will be saying, “is he the next Witten?” when we search for his replacement. Witten is quietly writing his own legacy in Cowboys Lore.

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