Senior Bowl, Offensive Lineman Watch

The Senior Bowl is set to kickoff, and some positions the Cowboys will be watching closely should be the offensive line, secondary, and defensive players. Could Texas A&M LB Von Miller be a target? The Cowboys could use another bookend OLB to add a one-two punch the Cowboys have been lacking. Rob Ryan is onsite to get a look-see at this years defensive crop. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock stated that Miller could go to the first 3-4 team that has a need there, Cowboys draft #9.

The Cowboys could also be looking specifically at RT, this draft class has a good grouping of players that could come in a contribute immediately. Jerry Jones could be hinting that offensive line could be drafted early in the draft.

“You look at numbers, you’ve got five positions on the offensive line and certainly that gives you a chance to address that area because of the numbers of players that you play in that unit. But I think we look at it and it doesn’t surprise me that we still could have a need in the offensive line because of just that.”

Some offensive lineman to watch today will be Anthony Costanzo (Boston College), Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin) and Nate Solder (Colorado)

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  • Is it just me, or does Dallas draft at least one OLB every single year since they’ve had a 3-4 defense? I know this position is vital to this scheme, but it just feels like it’s always listed as a need every draft. I’ve never actually seen Von Miller play, but if the guy is really good, and Dallas feels it can address its other needs later in the draft, then go ahead and draft him.

    Like everyone else, I’m concerned about offensive line and the secondary, so I’d really like these spots addressed early on. Outside of last year, the Cowboys have almost exclusively gone defense in the first round for the last decade, and unless I’m overlooking something, it’s been 30 years since Dallas took an offensive lineman in the first round. I wouldn’t place any bets that that will change, so I expect OLB or CB to be the top pick.

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  • It seems like a prerequisite since we’ve moved to a 3-4. If we had another beast opposite Ware, we’d be insane on defense; however, we keep missing. Spencer isnt getting it done