Cowboys Deliver Texas Size Whippin’ Against ‘Phins

Another solid game from the offense. The similarities between this offensive squads of the ’90s is eeriely similar. Under Jimmy Johnson, the Cowboys took a good half to get going, and these Cowboys are the same. Garrett has been surgical with his play selection and Romo has been pinpoint accurate; and, the combination of the two will be deadly effective against our opponents. If anyone has any questions about Romo’s mental strength after that fumble in Seatlle, you can put that to bed. Romo is back, and better than ever. The defense looked average in the first half, but picked it up in the second half. Each unit was feeding off each other today. Players were pumped and it showed on the field. The Cowboys whipped up the Dolphins 37-20.


Tony Romo had another solid game, and continues to be a playmaker at the QB position. Jerry, give Romo the combination to the vault and pay this guy! Man he’s the real deal. Amazing pocket presence, all-pro vision, and a great field general. These upper echelon QBs are hard to find, and Romo is undeniably in the upper tier

MBf’ingIII is a boss. Yes, we use a two back system, but each game we play, Barber is clearly setting the bar high, and Jones is not the same caliber. We need both, neither is a clear everydown back, and that’s not a knock on Barber, but Barber is clearly the man in charge, just a better back.

Jason Witten is money all day long. The Dolphins did an ok job defending against Witten, but as I said in the key’s to victory, Witten will get his touches and he did. Good job by Witten.

Terrell Owens is a force, and he gives defensive coordinators fits all game long. Owens is playing some solid football, and running his routes great under Garrett. Owens has been embraced, and is a fan favorite by many. Great game by Owens.

The Secondary in the second half played good enough for me to get a mention. Hamlin redeemed himself from last weeks stupidity, and Reeves did a little better, still getting burned from time to time.

Patrick Crayton is going to hurt us in the return game. He’s reckless with the ball, makes poor decisions, almost fumbling the ball, and once he does get the ball, he does not tuck the ball away.

The Defense is still playing like crap, missing tackles, not getting pressure. Spears and Canty are not getting it done, the pressure is falling completely on Ware, and teams are double teaming Ware and shutting him down. I’ll say it again, GET JASON HATCHER in there!!! You are naive if you think today’s game means the defense is back, because it doesn’t. Green made some very poor passes and the DBs made easy INTS. There’s no pressure from the front seven.


Tony Romo gets the Gameball in my opinion. Can you imagine Bledsoe back there? There was several instances where Romo exhibited some amazing athleticism out there. That juke and jive on Taylor was classic. Romo is at the top of his game right now.


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