Pro Bowl Ends; Garrett Back to Assistants Search

With the Pro Bowl in the bag this marks the beginning of the offseason for the entire team now. Its back to business come monday morning. Jerry, Garrett, and Ryan were on hand in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, so we may expect some other coaching interviews to take place here very soon. Not only was the brain trust on-site to scout players, but perhaps scouting some assistant coaches as well.

With the Cowboys losing out on Bruce Matthews and Dan Campbell, the Cowboys still have some voids that needs to be filled on offense. On the defensive side of the ball, there’s no doubt Rob Ryan’s staff isn’t near to being complete. With the collegiate games; East/West Shrine game and Senior Bowl over, we may finally get some better insight to whether or not Brett Maxie and Dave Campo will be returning. I think most fans would agree that they would hope not. Ryan could still be looking at getting Bryan Cox and/or Jerome Henderson, and with Cleveland hiring Dick Jauron as their DC, this may make them available now. Let’s see what this coming week brings us.

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