Why The Cowboys Will Defeat Da Bears

Take a look around the web, and you’ll see virtually every headline saying the Bears will be a “litmus test,” or a “measuring stick” I disagree. In fact, I see it the other way around. The Cowboys have been virtually unstoppable on offense. The Bears have more to prove than the Cowboys. The pressure is on Rex Grossman, and the Bears defense. The Bears will be at home, and if Grossman starts throwing INTS the crowd will be unforgiving.

It’s fair to compare the Cowboys offense of 2007 vs the Colts 2006 offense. Both units are explosive, solid ground attack and aerial attack. In addition, the Cowboys 2007 vs Colts 2006 are similar in their defense. The Colts had a very average defense last year, and the Cowboys defensive struggles continue this year.
If the Bears in 2006, could not stop the Colts last year in the Super Bowl, its unlikely they will be able to stop Romo & Co. this Sunday night. On Defense, the Bears, lost key elements in coaching and player positions; moreover, they lost their best player on offense last year, Thomas Jones. This is not the winning recipe for a return to glory.

The Bears lost their opening game to a poor Chargers team. Yes, lets face it, the Chargers under Norv Turner are going to be a huge disappointment, and they played horrible against the Bears and still won the game. In week 2, the Bears barely beat the lowly Chiefs 20-10. You cannot compare LT and LJ this year as major threats on offense, they are playing for some questionable coaches on the hot seat. Basically, the Bears have not played anyone yet. Come this Sunday Night, our team will be their measuring stick.

The Bears are ranked #5 Overall Defense in the league, but as stated, they have not played anyone real. The Cowboys defense is ranked #26 Overall.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Bears will not be able to move the ball with Grossman as their QB, Grossman knows it, their fans know it, and Cowboys Nation knows it. Grossman will crumble under the big lights, again. The Bears D hasn’t played a real high octane offense yet, seriously, they haven’t. In theory the Chargers were suppose to be that team, but look at their lackluster performance over the last two weeks, horrible. LJ is the lone star in K.C., and everyone else is garbage, what a crap team that is.

(Romo) The Anti-Grossman Superstar will come to town and put on a clinic for all the Bears fans. Grossman on the other hand, will fail them again. Grossman’s QB rating is in the basement at 55.1 with 1 TD and 3 INTs. He’s currently on pace for 8 TDs and 24 INTs, what a disaster.

Romo on the other hand is flying high with Jason Garrett making the calls. Romo has a QB rating of 119.3 with 6 TDs and 1 INT, and he’s on pace for 48 TDs and 8 INTs.

The Bears Offense is ranked #30 overall, and the Cowboys Offense is ranked #4 overall

A look at the Matchups

Bears Offense #30 vs. Cowboys Defense #26

Bears Defense #5 vs. Cowboys Offense #4

Based on what you’ve seen of Grossman, its clear he’s still the same horrible QB, and still has the Super Bowl loss in his head. On the other side of the spectrum, it’s crystal clear that Romo has put his nightmare day against Seattle behind him, there are zero signs of any lingering affects at all. These are two quarterbacks going in two opposite directions; one is destined for glory, the other is destined for the dubious honor of being the worst QB in franchise history.

I like my man Jason Garrett vs. Bob Babich. Garrett is aggressive and with Romo spreading the ball around, we’re going to win this game.

Wade Phillips vs. Ron Turner will be an easy gameplan for Phillips to prepare against, With Thomas Jones out of the picture, the Bears offense is zero dimensional and I fully expect Phillips to throw everything in Grossman’s face.

I’ll have closer look at the game this weekend.

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