Secondary and Wide Receivers Coaches Remain Open

Its sounding more and more like the Cardinals will make a hard push to sign Ray Horton as their defensive coordinator; a promotion from his current position as the Steelers secondary coach. If this is the case, I’d think the Cowboys could take a look at Darren Perry, the Packers defensive backs coach. Perry worked with Ryan in Oakland as their defensive backs coach. Its obvious the Cowboys are being very diligent in their search for some help for the secondary, the weakest link in this past season’s defense.

On the Wide Receiver’s coaching front, there hasnt been any solid evidence of any potential candidates. I’ve seen some rumors that Rob Ryan suggested James Lofton come in, but nothing sufficient. Michael Irvin‘s name has been tossed around, but I don’t see this happening either. We should be getting something solid here before the NFL Combine gets going at the end of the month

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