Cowboys Obliterate Bears 34-10

Cowboys Nation is on fire, after a dominating showing by the offense against one of the elite defenses of the league. The Cowboys may not have a dominating defense, but we do have Championship conditioning. Our huge offensive line tired out and out hustled one of the best defensive units in the league, take notice. The Cowboys can play anyone in this league and go toe-to-toe and put on a show on offense. Our offense is just bad to the bone right now.

Slow Starts, Strong Finishes

That’s our M.O. on offense, I’m convinced that Garrett’s gameplans for each game is designed for proding and poking. Once Garrett finds the weakness, its on; and, its attack mode at full speed. Terrell Owens has been virtually unstoppable in this rejuvated offensive scheme, and Tony Romo is leading the way with solid numbers. I said it last week, but I’ll say it again: Jerry, give Romo the combination to the safe and pay him like the bigtime QB that he is!

Special Teams

I’ve been dogging the special teams play all preseason and all throughout the regular season; however, I have to give some props now. Special teams gets a gameball, their coverage was spot on, and Keith Davis had another good showing on special teams. Sam Hurd was also exceptional tonight, he had a complete game in every aspect too.

Love me some #6

That’s right, its official now, Nick Folk is a boss at the kicker position. After years of having instability and inconsistency, we now have a solid place kicker in Folk.

The Defense

The Cowboys defense is starting to mirror the offense as far as how long it takes for them to get on track. The defense has been pretty good in the 2nd half as well. Against the Bears, the defense had good coverage and had Grossman rattled. Rattle Gator Arms, Win the game, I said it all week, and that’s what happened. Stephen Bowen looked good in the lineup tonight, along with the rest of the unit. I like what I saw from everyone on the line tonight.

Here’s the Beef

Our Offensive Line means business, and we’re imposing our will upon the best defensive lines in the league. We are out playing, and out hustling some of the best in the NFL, very impressive. The critics of Bigg Davis can take a back seat and come along for the ride to the Pro Bowl. Bigg Davis was a great free agent addition, and we’re reaping the rewards. Can you imagine if Rivera was still at RG? Davis is just mauling people on a regular basis.

The running game

Julius Jones had a good game, and helped moved the chains. Marion Barber continues to run like a man possessed. With Barber in the backfield you always get the filling he will break a tackle and take it to the house. Barber is a bad dude! The running attack had a slow first half, but Garrett’s second half adjustments had them running through and over the Bears defense.

We have the lowly Rams next, and need to be focused and not fall in this potential trap game.


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