Keep the Romomentum going

Its not hype, its not luck, it is Dallas Cowboys Football, and we’re back. We are a juggernaut in the NFC, and the sky is the limit with this new found power on offense. The Rams are 0-3, so the storyline will be, Let’s keep it going full speed and don’t lose in this potential trap game.

The Cowboys should have a relatively easy task hosting the Rams this upcoming Sunday. In addition, is reporting that Steven Jackson has a slight tear in his left groin, he suffered the injury last week in the 4th quarter – he is OUT for week 4. Makes the Cowboys job much easier. We might just kill the heck out of the Rams now.

2nd Half Superiority

I’ve been writing about this for awhile, and everyone has finally caught up. Media outlets are noticing that Jason Garrett is the boss with his methodical game planning and his mastery of slicing up opposing defenses like an emergency room doctor, he’s just surgical, and when he finds the weakness in the defense he’ll make the defense pay and put them to sleep. Like I said before, there’s a goal at hand with the slow starts, and the strong finishes. Wade Phillips talks about the strong finishes:

“I like they way we finish now,” Phillips said. “We have finished three games and we have been the dominant team in the fourth quarter.”(DMN)

Size and Conditioning the Key

This is not your garden variety Turner offense we’re running in Dallas, this is Garrett’s own scheme with his twist on the Turner offense, and its the new and improved edition. When you talk about domination on offense, we’re the team right now in the NFC that scares people. We’re fast, we’re loaded with offensive weapons, and we have the best conditioning coach in the NFL in Joe Jurasek. On top of that, Coach Sparano has helped develop one of the biggest, toughest offensive lines in the league. Witten describes how the offensive line is dominating people:

“Our offensive line plays pretty physical. We’ve been able to wear teams down.” (DMN)

A very big piece of that puzzle is the addition of Bigg Davis. Davis has been the answer at RG we’ve been looking for. He’s a mountain of size and muscle, and at RG, he will punish the defense and just wear them down. The combination of size and conditioning has been a major problem for the last three defensive lines we’ve faced, including the highly vaunted Bears D-line. The offensive line has just validated to the rest of the league what we’ve already known…we’ve got some bad dudes up front!
The future at offensive line just makes this line even bigger. The sky’s the limit at the offensive line. Garrett wants size at the line, and he got two players that are huge, James Marten and Doug Free.

Quietly Increasing Takeaways

Don’t look now, but the Cowboys already have 8 INTs in just (3) games ~2.6/game. In 2006, the Cowboys had 18 INTs in (16) games ~1.1/game. Not bad for a secondary that has played most of the season without Terence Newman.

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