Cowboys Path to the Draft Begins Tomorrow

The Cowboys path to the draft officially begins Thursday as the NFL Combine kicks off at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis. Let take a look at a few key dates for the combine and beyond.

NFL Combine: February 23-March 1, 2011

The NFL prospects will go through a whole battery of exams including; personal interviews, psychological assessments, medicals, agility, speed, and strength testing.

NFL Network will be onsite with live coverage, so be sure to tune in, their coverage is outstanding.

Offensive Lineman, place kickers, special teams, and tight ends workout Feb. 25-26

Wide Receivers, quarterbacks, running backs conclude workouts Feb. 27

Defensive Lineman, linebackers conclude workouts Feb. 28

Defensive Backs conclude workouts March 1

NFL Draft: April 28-30, 2011

1st Round (April 28th, Thursday, 6:30pm)

2nd-3rd Rounds (April 29th, Friday, 5pm)

4th-7th Rounds (April 30th, Saturday, 9am)

2011 Cowboys Draft Picks

Round 1 #9
Round 2 #40
Round 3 #71
Round 4 #109
Round 5 #139
Round 6 #170
Round 7 #209 (from San Diego)

Quick Prediction

Cowboys trade down and draft an offensive lineman, probably a right tackle to replace the run down Marc Colombo. Same could be said for LG, Kyle Kosier’s durability is in questions and an early pick in the 1st or 2nd could address this as well. To me the “Cowboy Way” is smash mouth, mauling offensive lineman, and right now the Cowboys are missing that Erik Williams, Larry Allen player. Look for Garrett to find his guy in this draft, someone nasty.

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