Cowboys vs. Bills: Halftime Thoughts

First thing that comes to mind..this is a trap game, and we’re fallin deeper and deeper. The defense is keeping us in the game, but Romo is way off the mark. He looks worse than Rex Grossman right now!!, and Edwards looks like the Anti-Grossman.

We’re in serious trouble right now, there’s no sugar coating this first half. Each pass Romo throws up I feel like its going to be an INT, I haven’t felt that feelin from Romo since he tookover last year… Its scary how bad he’s looking. A staggering (4) INTS!

We have to stick with Romo, he needs to calm down and start over. Phillips and Garrett are masters of adjustments and I expect them to help Romo compose himself. He’s needs help from the line, The line is playing crappy, the running game is completely dead, and the Bills are stacking up the secondary.

This game mirrors the Packers/Bears game last night!

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