Joe Theisman and more hating on Dez Bryant

This story about Dez Bryant and Northpark Mall won’t go away, and now every idiot out there wants to go overboard and say Dez needs help and paint him as a bad person. I’m not buying this stuff and Joe Theisman’s opinion on Dez is way overblown, “half year wonder” and this and that, c’mon man, get out of here! Theisman is always going to be biased against the Cowboys. Who else is going to stir this pot? I think all this stuff is a result of the lockout and lack of news, so everything is getting amplified at ridiculous levels.

What I do know, is this: Jerry, the scouting department, and coaches all interviewed Dez and did their homework on him, if there were any crazy red flags, then I doubt they would have traded up to draft him. In addition, Dez is a star in the making, his production in a short period of time was really amazing, he’s a playmaker, so here comes all the haters hating on Dez Bryant.

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