Real Reason for New Cowboys Stadium Revealed

Do you really want to know why Jerry Jones decided to build the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington? The reason is simple…Dallas/Irving fans are lame, and the lack of support for the Cowboys on gameday is a complete embarrassment. Anyone who saw the game against the Patriots saw and heard the lack of crowd noise from a supposedly sold out game.

The fans at Texas Stadium are pathetic. You could hear the play calls from home, and there was not enough people pumped up and getting rowdy in the stands. Several times in the game the camera would pan over to some lousy sap just sitting there, and next to him, hundreds, thousands more of the same figures. Get up and make some f’ing noise Dallas!!

The real reason Jerry is building the new Cowboys stadium is partly for this reason. We do not have home field advantage, local fans are lame, and the current capacity of 65,812 at Texas Stadium is not getting it done. Jerry is hoping the new stadium which will hold at least 80,000 will help the team just because of the shear numbers of fans. The stadium can be configured upto 100,000 as well. If I were Jerry, I would configure the stadium to the maximum size. At least with more “fans” in the seats, the noise would have to increase. What a very sad state of affairs. Its pathetic. You look at similar/smaller stadiums like Lambeau and Soldier Field and those fans get very loud and disruptive. Even in Buffalo, the noise factor was apparently alot for our team to handle on the road. What the hell is wrong with this picture, when you have two undefeated teams squaring off, in a playoff type atmosphere and the fans at the stadium barely register a few decibels above a whisper.

Jerry needs to import the real True Blue fans from outside cities, like San Antonio, Houston, Austin, El Paso, the Rio Grande Valley and get them in the seats. These are where the majority of the real fans reside anyway.

The new stadium completion cannot come any sooner. Dallas fans should be ashamed. Will you guys show up for the Vikings game? I’m willing to bet not, so prove me wrong.

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