Cowboys Will Do the Mauling

The Cowboys have come a long way from the near debacle in Buffalo, and the drubbing at home by the Patriots; but, on the positive side the Cowboys have gained mounts of experience in the Phillips 34 and Garrett’s attacking offense. Each game in the bag means bad news for opposing teams.

All the offseason hardwork is culminating towards one goal, the Super Bowl and Romo is leading the way. Romo has bounced back from the Seattle game back in January and has be steadfast in his game management. The defense is beginning to click and looks to be swarming now, something this defense did not have last year, and most definitely did not have in December.

This game against the Lions is a bigger game than it appears. The defense knows what December did to the Cowboys, and there’s an arguement that could be made that our season slipped away because the defense crumbled. This year the defense wants to keep it going, and Bradie James is leading the way. Not only does James want to get after the Lions, he wants to lead the defense to a dominating December. It all starts against the Lions.

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