Carter and Murray Finish Disappointing 2nd Day of Draft

Ok, lets get straight to it. I see alot of people online trying to psyche themselves into thinking our picks in the 2nd and 3rd round were good picks. Let’s be real, this was a disappointing collection of bad picks. We know we needed more help in the secondary, offensive line, and defensive line, but nothing was addressed today. Why are we drafting injured, developmental players!?

Our 2nd round pick Bruce Carter, LB, UNC is coming off ACL injury suffered in Novemeber and may not be ready for full speed action for training camp. Does this sound familiar? Sounds like Kevin Burnett to the “t” all over again.

Our 3rd round pick DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma on the surface spells the end of the Barber era, but I think this also marks the era of Tashard Choice carrying the load of the running game, and good for him. Let’s be real, Felix is brittle, he blows out his hamstrings and quads all the time, he’s definitely a homerun hitter but he cant stay healthy. Its been documented that our new pick Murray has “missed alot of playing time” due to injury, so be ready Choice.

I think we found the Cowboys draft philosophy and that is, to take dumb risks by drafting pre-broken players, and draft them early. Here we go again, Jacob Rogers, Stephen Peterman, Kevin Burnett, Isaiah Stanback and now add Carter and Murray. I’ll be pulling for these guys no doubt, but we needed instant impact players, and we did not get them today. I cannot fake my self out into thinking we got the right guys.

Jerry, Do something tomorrow to salvage this draft.

Today’s grade: C-

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