What Will 4th-7th Rounds Bring to Dallas?

Well, day 2 brought Cowboys Nation more questions than answers. Carter and Murray? really? The draft philosophy is really coming into question, and to say anyone knows what the Cowboys will do is impossible. At this point, I wouldn’t doubt it if we draft another TE, and maybe a kicker, this would follow the path we’re on.

Today’s draft hints towards more free agent moves. The secondary wasn’t addressed at all, and dont expect the last day to find any impact players at corner or safety. Knowing this, the Cowboys must be banking on signing some combination of Eric Weddle, Michael Huff, or Nnamdi Asomugha.

What about defensive line? same deal. Nothing was addressed. Forget the theories of drafting a big NT and bouncing Ratliff to DE to alleviate that need. That’s not gonna happen. Could the Cowboys really be thinking of re-signing Marcus Spears? seems like it.

Guard wasn’t addressed, you can’t feel comfortable with Davis and Kosier coming back in 2011. Looks like a free agency will address this as well, or maybe they roll the dice and go with those two again, but then the question remains – Who’s backing them up? Holland, Costa? stop gap garbage, and there goes the running game and protection for Romo. Just dumb, rrrrrrrRRRrgh!

Its kind of pointless to throw out some names to look for the last day of the draft since the Cowboys are determined to draft people no one wants, probably more injured or obscure players.

Here’s how I see the final picks versus what Dallas will instead do

Round 4 #109 – I say OG. Dallas selects TE
Round 5 #139 – I say DB. Dallas trades out of 5th
Round 6 #170 – I say DL. Dallas selects K
Round 7 #209 (from San Diego) I say LB. Dallas selects Center
Round 7 #251 (compensatory) I say WR. Dallas selects DB

Seriously Jerry, please prove us wrong. Address something or at least draft Casey Matthews to give us a name to at least have some hope in.

4th-7th Rounds (April 30th, Saturday, 11am) CST

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