Poor Performances Point Towards One & Done

Here we are at 13-3, we’ve had a great deal of trouble moving the ball over the last 4 weeks or so. Right now, I feel as confident of winning a playoff game as I did last year, and by that I mean bleak… We’re not dominating ANYONE, the passing game is horrid, Romo doesn’t look confident,the defense has been suspect, the secondary is bad. We haven’t played well at home, crowd noise at big games has been a ZERO factor. We’re in trouble.
Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but if we show up like we have the last few weeks its going to be “One and Done” and this will be devastating, perhaps worse than last years loss.

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  • DCsMAN

    Im with ya on that. If we want to beat the best in the league…it’s def. not playing like that. Romo and the team have to step it up. I feel they will, but it is very frustrating to see them lose to the Skins like that. LET’S GO COWBOYS !!!