Grading the Cowboys 2011 Draft Class

We all know the draft grades will start to trickle in from the major pundits, and there’s usually not that much substance to them, and some have traces of bias in them obviously. So when you’re looking at some draft grades stick to the guys that blog the Cowboys, like our site here, and your other favorite Cowboys blogs, you get more realistic opinions and we tend to have a better opinion.

So, let’s get straight to it. When I look at how we did in the draft I look at the quality of the player, and were needs filled.

To me, this draft was more of a roller-coaster from Day 1 to Day 3.

Day 1 was clearly the best day filling the biggest need on the roster and that was the offensive tackle position. Jerry didn’t do something fancy and mess it up. He stuck to his guns and got the player we targeted all along in Tyron Smith, so big score here.

Day 2 was disappointing and the picks selected are the riskiest since they are picked relatively high being selected in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The disappointing factor comes more from the medicals and lack of durabilty Bruce Carter and DeMarco Murray bring to the table. For this reason, its risky, and coupled with the lockout in place, neither of these two guys are getting the much needed conditioning/strengthening from Coach Woicik. To me it would have been better to draft safe vs the risk/reward route.

Can Carter and Murray be impact players? We need them to be. When I think of all the holes and needs on this team, these first picks should have immediate impact and produce, and I’m not so sure either will be when the season starts. I do like the player’s selected, just not the injury issues they bring. That’s a big deal.

Day 3 redeemed what Day 2 seemingly lacked, and that is healthy impact players. In the 4th round, we immediately addressed the guard position and fortified it with the David Arkin pick.

The 5th round addressed the secondary with the Josh Thomas pick, by most account Thomas is a player and scrappy, sounds familiar doesnt it? If Thomas is anything like Scandrick, then we hit on the pick again.

The 6th round, addressed special teams depth and WR depth. Sam Hurd looks to be gone, and that’ll be a big hole in special teams and depth at WR. So with the Dwayne Harris pick, both issues are addressed, and possibly even upgraded.

In the 7th round we took Shaun Chapas and Bill Nagy. Chapas fills a possible upgrade to the FB position, a position I thought Garrett wanted for quite some time. Chapas is more of the true lead blocking mold, but he can also catch and run when needed, he a true utility FB, and just the type of FB Garrett wants to have on the field and in the locker room. I don’t see this as being the end of Chris Gronkowski either, I think we keep Gronskowski; morever, if we cut ties with Bennett. Nagy gives us some versatility at center and guard, so center depth is a need too.

Day 1: A

Day 2: C

Day 3: B


Draft Class Grade: B-

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