Garrett Remains Unsigned, Jerry’s On The Clock

Alright, Jerry Jones has made some genius offseason moves in signing Terrell Owens in 2006, and then in 2007 he signed Jason Garrett before a head coach was even hired. Now comes another defining moment in Cowboys lore. The latest news on Garrett has him leaving Atlanta without a contract signed, so that makes two stops: Baltimore and Atlanta, and no contract. This bodes well for Cowboys Nation. We want Garrett back, Jerry knows exactly what is at stake here.

Jerry will have his chance to meet with Garrett in a serious one-to-one meeting in which Jerry will make Garrett the highest paid Offensive Coordinator in NFL history, that I’m sure about. In addition, he’ll get the Assistant Head Coach title. Garrett is a very smart guy and this should be the right decision for him. Show consistency with a high powered offense, build upon this past season and improve its prowess even more. Signing Garrett will also surely guarantee Barber will be signed next. Garrett is going to have some more say so on offensive personnel and having his “Emmitt” will be a premium.
Jerry, you’re on the clock, make it happen sir! Git’r done.

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