Drafting DeMarco Murray Does Not Mean Choice is gone

Since we drafted DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma the talk immediately shifted to the official end of the Barber era, which I absolutely believe to be true. However, there seems to be some thinking that Tashard Choice could also be a casualty from drafting Murray. I do not see this happening at all, especially considering the documented durability issues Murray has had, and even Felix Jones hasn’t been the most healthy back since we drafted him.

Calvin Watkins from ESPN Dallas has a few draft thoughts and also weighed in on this subject

Jones wouldn’t say which players are on the bubble to get let go once the league year starts, but we have an idea: Colombo, Marion Barber, Roy Williams, Leonard Davis and Choice. Yes, with the drafting of Demarco Murray, Choice might be one of the final cuts before the start of the 2011 season. Davis most likely will stay but the team is building its depth along the offensive line, and that’s a wakeup call for Davis. (ESPNDallas)

I just don’t see it happening, it would be a bumbling blunder with major implications that would sink the running game, especially in the end of the season when you need to have a ground attack. If anything, Choice gets elevated to an unofficial featured back, by default. Felix is just too brittle for my liking, and the rookie is the same if not alot worse. Get behind Choice, he’s been itching to get in there and take over, and we’ve seen his intensity on the field and he has produced when given the chance.

Choice will be a huge part of the running game in 2011. Period. Talk of him not making the team, by being released or traded is just ridiculous. If we would have drafted Mark Ingram, then maybe the argument would have some weight, but drafting Murray with all the injuries just solidifies Choice’s place on this team.

I’m a big Choice supporter. Choice all day, everyday!

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