Romo’s Collarbone “Feels Great” During Organized Workouts

The Cowboys began some player organized workouts today, led by Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and DeMarcus Ware respectively.

Roughly 40 players showed up at an undisclosed location in the area on Tuesday, according to quarterback Tony Romo. Safety Barry Church also tweeted, “great team workout today.” (ESPNDallas)

Romo didn’t say exactly who or who was not present, but you can already bet, once it leaks out who wasn’t there you can bet there will be some hefty doses of criticism, and rightfully so. To get a jump start on the rest of the league, the team has to practice as a team, and if you’re not there, you’re gonna be perceived as non-team player.

“It went great,” Romo said. “We had a great turnout. It was crisp. It was fast. You could feel the energy from the guys being back out there. Guys were committed. It was great to see.” (ESPNDallas)

Romo said the workout was “conducted like a normal mini-camp practice.” The coach-run practices in the past have included walkthrough sessions for the offense and defense, followed by 7-on-7, 1-on-1 and team drills. (ESPNDallas)

Looks like Romo is pretty much 100%, and ready to go, when asked about his broken collarbone he said:

“It feels great,” Romo said of the collarbone. “I wish the season was ready to start.” (ESPNDallas)

We all hope the season starts on time, outside the draft, this offseason has been brutally boring for fans.

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