McFadden Trade Would Trump Walker Trade

As I’m sure most of you aware the offseason is here in full force and all these rumors are floating around. The Cowboys want the better Roy Williams from Detroit, or the Cowboys want to sign Michael Turner to compliment Marion Barber, but the one trade rumor is that of Darren McFadden.

The Miami Dolphins are under the new Parcells regime and they will be looking to deal the pick for some dope out there. Immediately the media throws out the idea that Jerry Jones’ relationship with Parcells will enable Parcells to land a monster trade earning BOTH Cowboys 1st rounders AND Marion Barber III. Are you smokin crack dipped in raid or what?

Such a trade would trump “The Herschel Walker Trade” of October 12, 1989. This trade was a brilliant trade that Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson orchestrated which involved the most player and draft pick swapping in NFL history. The Vikings never wish to discuss this infamous trade, but Cowboys Nation relishes in it because it brought us Emmitt Smith (1990) and helped us trade for Russell Maryland (1991) as the overall #1 pick.

The reason I say a McFadden trade to Miami would trump the level of pure stupidity is because we have a championship offense right now, and a lacking defense that NEEDS help. In 1989, the Cowboys cleaned house from the top to the bottom. Jimmy Johnson knew it would be a rebuilding year, and we ended up going 1-15. The Walker trade made sense because we needed ALOT of help on BOTH sides of the ball. Here’s a look at what the Walker Trade involved:

Minnesota Vikings Received:

* RB Herschel Walker
* Dallas’s 3rd round pick – 1990 (54) (Mike Jones)
* San Diego’s 5th round pick – 1990 (116) (Reggie Thornton)
* Dallas’s 10th round pick – 1990 (249) (Pat Newman)
* Dallas’s 3rd round pick – 1991 (68) (Jake Reed)

Dallas Cowboys Received:

* LB Jesse Solomon
* LB David Howard
* CB Issiac Holt
* RB Darrin Nelson (traded to San Diego after he refused to report to Dallas)
* DE Alex Stewart
* Minnesota’s 1st round pick in 1990 (21) (Emmitt Smith)
* Minnesota’s 2nd round pick in 1990 (47) (Alexander Wright)
* Minnesota’s 6th round pick in 1990 (158) (traded to New Orleans, who drafted James Williams)
* Minnesota’s 1st round pick in 1991 (conditional) – (11) (Pat Harlow)
* Minnesota’s 2nd round pick in 1991 (conditional) – (38) (Darryll Lewis)
* Minnesota’s 2nd round pick in 1992 (conditional) – (40) (traded to Kansas City, who drafted Matt Blundin)
* Minnesota’s 3rd round pick in 1992 (conditional) – (71) (traded to New England, who drafted Kevin Turner)
* Minnesota’s 1st round pick in 1993 (conditional) – (13) (traded to Philadelphia Eagles, and then to the Houston Oilers, who drafted Brad Hopkins)
Emmitt was the main player we got from the Vikings picks, the other draft picks were used to move up and down the draft in getting players like Russell Maryland a few other supporting players that helped make the Cowboys a powerhouse in the 1990s.

Trading BOTH our 1st rounders and Marion Barber would render us a weaker team on BOTH sides of the ball, we would be taking this team in reverse in essence. You cannot trade away our premier Pro Bowl running back for an unproven rookie, leaving the backfield with a big question mark. McFadden may turn out to be a good running back, but nothing is guaranteed. We know that Barber is the real deal, and runs from no one, he’s a bad dude! In addition, the two 1st rounders would be a huge blow, we need to use them on the secondary and maybe a wide receiver.

So, the Walker Trade moved the Cowboys forward, a McFadden trade would move us backwards and thus trumping the infamous Walker trade, it would be a devastating blow to Jerry’s legacy in the views of Cowboys fans worldwide.

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