Introduction to Logic (Most of the Time)

First off, I want to thank Mr. Rodriguez for the opportunity to join his site.  If you know me from our message board ( then you’ve watched me try to be a poor man’s sports columnist for years.  The chance to now publish my work in a more formal setting is exciting and I hope I bring some fresh content and insightful analysis that all will enjoy.

Just so you know who you’re reading, I’m in my late twenties and I’ve been following the Cowboys since the early 90s.  I was raised and still live in Southwestern Virginia, where Virginia Tech football is king and the largest NFL fan base is the Redskins’.  Despite this, being a Dallas fan was passed down from my great-grandfather to my uncle to me.  So thank you, Tom Landry, for being the model of honor and professionalism that straight-laced guys like my Pa-Paw wanted to cheer for.  Otherwise, I might have a lot of maroon-colored junk in my house.

When it comes to me and my analysis of the Cowboys, I try to keep a level head and go with the most realistic and logical viewpoints.  I avoid cliches when possible and will often play devil’s advocate just to find that place in between.  But it doesn’t always work, especially when you grow particularly fond or tired of certain players.

Roy Williams (the safety, not the receiver) could have saved me from a burning building and I probably still would have criticized him for not running fast enough.  Meanwhile, Dez Bryant could drive his car through my front door but I’d give him a pass because of the excitement it brought to my day.  So if I ever seem biased, keep in mind that I’m a columnist and not a reporter.

My plan for the coming months is to analyze our existing roster, departing players, and free agents targets.  I also will give some thoughts on the lockout and CBA negotiations as things develop (or worse, don’t develop at all).  When the next season starts I’ll bring you some previews and recaps of games, track performance trends, and share other thoughts and opinions I’ll have about the team.  Also, I will actively respond to comments left on my blog posts so please let me know what you think.  I love debates so contrary viewpoints are welcome and encouraged!

So once again, thank you to Joe for this new outlet and thanks in advance to all of you who take the time to read and respond.  I know I said I try to avoid cliches, but this one seems appropriate to close with today:


  • doncanabis

    Good Job Haynie Nice intro… remember us when you make it big… we need more air time my friend lol