The UFC tried to Help DeMarco Murray with EA Sports Cover Contest

May be a little late with this news; but like myself, I don’t think many fans were aware that the UFC actually tried to help out DeMarco Murray win the NCAA Football 12 Cover for EA Sports. Ultimately Mark Ingram snagged the coveted cover for the game. The UFC even had an ad at endorsing DeMarco Murray; the ad has GSP, Arianny, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Dana White asking fans to vote Murray as the next cover guy.

Check out the ads here:

Official UFC Ad

Official UFC Ad with Chuck Liddell

So, why would a powerhouse organization like the UFC back DeMarco Murray?

The former Oklahoma running back has ties to the UFC’s owner Lorenzo Fertitta and president Dana White. Murray attended Bishop Gorman, the same Las Vegas high school, as the UFC powers.(Cagewriter)

It’s also been documented that Murray showed a big difference in conditioning and strengthening last season because he added MMA training to his all around training, and it paid of for Murray

“It’s definitely a lot different than what I do on the football field, but some things you can translate into your game. I spent three, four weeks in Las Vegas training with [striking coach James Gifford] at Lorenzo’s gym, and that definitely helped me out a lot with my hand coordination and speed, along with working muscles that I’ve never worked on in football,” Murray told (Cagewriter)

Pretty cool stuff.

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