Roy Williams Among Jerry’s List of Players Not Returning

Jerry Jones has said that four or five players are in danger of not coming back this upcoming season. So, who’s on that list? Marion Barber and Marc Colombo are the two given, especially after drafting Tyron Smith and DeMarco Murray. Common sense and speculation point to, Terence Newman and Roy Williams being the other two players. Newman’s status will be effected with the signing or non-signing of Nnamdi Asomugha, simple as that. Roy Williams on the other hand likely gets the boot, finally.

Roy Williams has been a complete bust in Dallas, and the acquisition will undoubtedly land on NFL Network as one of those Top Ten Worst Trades Ever shows, what a shame. We gave up too much, and received nothing back in return. The high pay, and bad production absolutely does not warrant him a roster spot. For a supposed, #1 WR or even #2 WR, his production has been garbage.

Look at these horrible stats:

Wow! that’s garbage for the amount of money we’re wasting on Williams, absolute garbage. I don’t see Jerry bringing back Williams, and Garrett will be happy about it. Its been well documented that Williams hasn’t been on the same page as Garrett, and he’s been very critical of his play calling. We don’t need any of that. We don’t need him for insurance, that argument is ridiculous. If that’s what anyone is worried about, you can pick up someone way cheaper than the $9+ million price tag Williams drains.

I think the pick of Dwayne Harris was a subtle sign that Williams will be gone. We are stacked with young receivers, and Garrett wants to bring them up and keeping Williams would continue to stunt their growth.

Here’s who we have right now:

Miles Austin
Roy Williams
Dez Bryant
Kevin Ogletree
Dwayne Harris
Jesse Holley
Manuel Johnson
Teddy Williams
Troy Bergeron
Jeff Moturi

Going into 2011, We can expect the starting receivers to be Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Kevin Ogletree and Dwayne Harris will battle it out for the #3 receiving slot, and the other guys will move up the depth chart and contribute on special teams as well. Getting rid of Williams will be a good thing for Dallas.

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