Jason Witten Quietly Putting Up Hall of Fame Numbers

If you’re like any other die hard out there trying to get through this lockout, NFL Network’s Top Players of 2011 is great a great show to create discussion on the league’s best players. Thus far, Jay Ratliff and Tony Romo have been voted in by their peers; however, there are four more Cowboys on the list. Sure to be on the list will be Jason Witten, and logically he’ll probably land in the Top 20 at the very minimum.

If player’s are going by the 2010 season’s body of work then Witten has that covered as well. 94 catches for 1002 yards is pure production. On top of that, Witten was voted First Team All-Pro in 2010.

If player’s are looking at the 2010 season and/or Witten’s career then this is a lock. Jason Witten is quietly putting up Hall of Fame numbers and is on pace to being the all-time receptions leader and all-time receiving yards leader. Let’s look how Witten stacks up against the current tight end Hall of Famers.

Stacking up Witten’s Stats:  Jason Witten    617   6,967   36 td  (8) Seasons, Free agent: 2013

Dave Casper    378   5,216   52 td

Mike Ditka     427   5,812   43 td

John Mackey    331   5,236   38 td

Ozzie Newsome    662   7,980   47 td

Charlie Sanders    336   4,817   31 td

Shannon Sharpe    815   10,060   62 td

Jackie Smith    480   7,918   40 td

Kellen Winslow     541   6,741   45 td

*Tony Gonzalez    1,069   12,463   88 td

If there’s a full 2011 season, Witten will pass Newsome in receptions, and will move into #3 all-time receptions behind Sharpe and Gonzalez. Gonzalez may play another season, but he’s a definite shoe-in, first ballot Hall of Famer, and for Witten to already be in the mix it says alot about his production on the field. So, Witten, will get another contract to finish his career in Dallas, and by the end of his career, he’ll have many more accolades, and records for tight ends.

A Super Bowl Ring would cement Witten’s legacy on the field, let’s hope he gets the chance to get one, and more!

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