Make or Break for Marcus Spears

This is a story I’ll be watching this camp. Marcus Spears is pretty close to being a certified bust. First question will be whether or not he can actually finish a camp healthy, and whether or not someone can finally bounce him from the starting role. I look for Jason Hatcher to get the nod here, he’s shown more explosion during games, and has been a menace in the backfield harrassing the QB. Jay Ratliff could also see some time at DE, that’s the word so far. I would have to say that a Ratliff/Hatcher combo would be one of the best rotations on defense if this were the case.

DMN Blog has a small comment on Spears by saying:

The threat of more time on the sideline would seem like a great motivator for a guy with two seasons left on his rookie contract. Spears certainly looked like he had a fire lit beneath him this morning.

This is the same thing we saw from Spears each of the last camps, he looks the part in camp, but completely disappears during the season, please, let’s move on to some real defense like Hatcher. I’m done with Spears, he can gets raves during camp all he wants, but its the same story each year. I’m not even sure this is a make or break year for Spears, its more like he’ll need to play well to get some snaps for a new contract for another team, we’re not re-signing him.

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