Romo Best of 2003 QB Class, Darren Woodson 2009 HOF

With two solid years under his belt, Tony Romo has leap frogged the rest of his 2003 draft class, QBs like: Palmer, Leftwhich, Boller, Grossman, Ragone, Simms, Wallace, Bollinger, and Drew Henson. I would say its safe to say that Romo is the head of the 2003 class. Most of these QBs are marginal backups or out of the league completely. Carson Palmer has done alright, but Romo has surpassed him.

Expectations certainly have changed with Romo, one of 13 Pro Bowl players back on a team that tied a franchise record by winning 13 games in his first full season as the starter. That was before the Cowboys’ playoff loss in January to the New York Giants, after which Terrell Owens tearfully defended the quarterback.

Dallas is now a legitimate Super Bowl contender, going into 2008 as a favourite in the NFC – with the quarterback who was backing up Drew Bledsoe in 2006 when the Cowboys broke from their last California camp. Romo is the 10th starter in Dallas since Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman played his last game in 2000. (AP)

Expectations for Romo & Co. are probably higher than ever; however, I do expect the Cowboys to come out exploding teams from start to finish this year. The defense will be into the 2nd year of the aggressive styled Phillips 34, and the offense will be in its 2nd year under Jason Garrett. Its going to be a good year.

The Hall of Fame game officially kicks off the 2008 football season, and looking ahead to the next batch of Hall of Famers, our very own Darren Woodson becomes eligible as a 1st year ballot. Other players eligible are, Shannon Sharpe, Rod Woodson, John Randle, and Bruce Smith to name a few.

DR. Z gives his take on Darren Woodson:

“I have no trouble with either defensive back, though. Rod Woodson certainly deserves it. Darren? Played a unique position for the Cowboys. Did everything a safetyman had to do, strongside or weak. Hell of a special teamer, too. Yes, a terrific player, a Hall of Famer.” (SI)

Darren Woodson should be a Hall of Famer for sure, he was the heart of the Cowboys defenses until her retired, when he was out of the lineup, the defense was not the same. Woodson is the perfect example of a Hall of Famer, his work on and off the field have been well documented, he’s a great guy, the type of player the NFL wants.
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