We’re approaching the June 3 ruling which will determine if the lockout is legal, which in-turn will solidify the owner’s stance on the lockout. The lockout could last a long time. Several teams have already been slashing their staffs and asking their coaches to take pay cuts.

Greg Bedard (Boston.com) is reporting that seven teams have pledged not to cut coaches salaries (for now)

Keenan said only seven teams have pledged to their coaching staffs that they will not ask for any pay cuts unless the lockout extends into the season: Seattle, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Oakland, New York Giants, Indianapolis, and Dallas.

So, the key in this statement by NFL Director of Coaches Association Larry Keenan is “unless the lockout extends into the season;” so for now, Garrett and the rest of the coaches are safe from any paycuts. This whole lockout is messing with so many lives, from top to bottom. Let’s get the June 3rd ruling over with, so the next phase can get started and hopefully there will be some meaningful mediation for a new CBA