A Win is Not Always a Win

The Cowboys pulled out a win over the lowly Bengals, 31-22. Let me say it again…we “pulled out a win”… What is wrong with that sentence, we shouldn’t be pulling out wins at this stage of the game, we should be killin’ teams. What is going on with Romo and the turn over machine he has become. During the game, the telecasters pointed out a disturbing factoid which stated Romo has the longest consecutive INT per game in the entire NFL. In my previous post I said we needed to win big in a crushing, decisive win; however, if this game was close (and it was) then it would support the notion that we’re overrated. Guess what? We’re overrated, and at this point we’re third best in the NFC East.

The Giants are the team to beat, the Redskins have emerged as a solid team, then there’s us and the Eagles. We better get out ass in gear, this team is playing way under expectations…barely winnning games, turning the ball over, bad play calling. This team looks like they took a step back this year. I’m not in a panic mode yet, but I’m also not fully convinced of our potential. We haven’t wowed anyone with our sloppy play.

Was there anything good to take from this game? Despite our crap play, there were some bright spots, mainly that of Felix Jones. We need to get him more involved in the passing game and have him on the field as the same time as Barber.

Jay Ratliff is a player we’re getting our money’s worth from, this guy is a beast in every game. We need a couple of more motors like Ratliff on this line.

There should be no question who our number two receiver is, and that would be Jason Witten. Witten is Romo’s security blanket, who knows what would happen to Romo if Witten were not here.

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