Gameday: Cowboys @ Rams

Week 7 will bring as much post drama as last week. Without a doubt this is going to be a huge game with major implications. First off, its been announced that Brad Johnson will indeed start the game, but, Romo will still be active as the #2 QB today. To me this is the right move, let Romo get healed, and let him get his mind right on the sidelines. This game will give us a glimpse of things to come in the next few weeks leading up to the bye week.

We’re sitting at a modest 4-2 record right now, but over the next three games we could very well be 4-5 going into the bye. Anyone that thinks the Rams will be an easy game will be grossly mistaken. The Rams will be at home, they have a new found confidence playing for Haslett, and they will show up to deliver a KO to the Cowboys. The question will be whether or not Phillips has prepared this team. Wade has always said the mistakes are on him, so if we keep up on this mediocre path, then he’ll be the mistake Jerry has made, and a change could happen if we lose a streak of games, you can guarantee it. For now, lets hope for some wins, or our chances of a playoff spot will be greatly diminished.

This is a huge game for Wade and Cowboys Nation.

How we win:

– Feed the Barbarian

– Play action

– Offensive aggressiveness, dynamic playcalling
– Pressure Bulger, sack him, force INTs

– No defensive let ups

– Special teams coverage must improve

How we lose:

– Turnovers

– Falling behind early

– Sloppy tacking

– Bad Special Teams coverage

– Lack of running game

– Quick 3 & outs

Potential Fallout

The Cowboys must win this game, and preferrably win big over the lowly Rams, anything less than that and the questions of the state of the Cowboys will remain. Jerry Jones has been patient, but you can bet that another sloppy game and sloppy special teams with a loss will cost someone’s job, and that would start with Bruce Read. The special teams unit has put us in some bad situations early and throughout whole games, you can’t win games, let alone get to the playoffs with that piece of the puzzle being so bas as it is right now. Next game is a rematch with the Bills, and they will be looking for revenge, and the Bills are a good team, after that we visit the Giants on the road. We need to win the very winable game today. We’re either going to rally the troops, win, and go home more confident against an upcoming Bills game, OR we can faulter against the Rams, go home withered and completely deflated and probably lose the next two games. Which team will show up? We’re about to find out. Gamecenter

Madden Forecast: Cowboys 27 Rams 24

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