Wade Has 14 Days

Looks like others are thinking like me in regards to what is going to happen next with Wade Phillips. I blogged about this yesterday during the 3rd quarter of the game. I layed out the scenario in which Wade will be given until the bye week at the lastest; at which point, Jason Garrett would be handed over the team as the Interim Head Coach.

DMN Blog had very similar thoughts on this scenario, which further reinforces my thinking as well:

But Jerry might be forced to make a move, especially if the Cowboys lose their next two games (a likely scenario) and enter the bye week with a losing record. Dallas would be in Save Our Season mode at that point.

Maybe it makes sense to give Garrett a trial period for the last half of the season. If he can’t right the ship, Jerry can make a run at Bill Cowher or another big-name coach this winter.

For now, Wade Phillips is still at the wheel, and the league’s most talented team appears to be headed for a fiery crash. (DMN)

That’s pretty close to what I said yesterday, so there are obviously more writers and fans thinking the same thing…Wade Phillips’ days in Dallas are numbered, as in 14 days to be exact.

I’m going to add more into the scenario I layed out yesterday. I think Jerry Jones thought ahead and brought in the people he did to supplement Wade’s staff. Prime example would be Dave Campo. Dave Campo knows Jerry, and he’s a defensive mind, he’s been a successful defensive coordinator in the NFL. Judd Garrett was also hired as the Assistant Director or Pro Scouting, let’s not forget that part. That being said, if Wade Phillips is indeed canned by the bye week, which I believe will indeed happen, then you’ll be saying good bye to Brian Stewart as well. There is no way we keep the horrible Phillips understudy in training on board as our defensive coordinator. Campo will likely take over as DC.

Both Garrett and Campo will be judged on how they handle the team on the interim basis. If all goes well, and I mean a complete turnaround into the playoffs, then Garrett will remain as head coach, and Campo will remain on as DC. Furthermore, with Campo on board, we could make a transition back to the 4-3 if we wish. The 3-4 has been a complete utter failure under Parcells and Phillips, who were supposedly 3-4 gurus, so if neither could get it going, then why keep running it? Some defensive systems are cyclical, and I think the 3-4 has run its course in Dallas.

Now, I know we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but I thought it would be interesting to see the potential makeup of the staff in the coming weeks. Jerry is not dumb, and clearly has his contingencies well in place.

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  • The only problem I see with firing Wase Phillips is the fact the offens is playing just as bad as the defense. The OL is horrid. I think Jason Garrett needs to right the ship as well.