Last Ride Cowboys

About one month ago we saw veterans Marion Barber, Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis, and Roy Williams leave the team mostly due to their salaries. As this 2011 Preseason nears its end, it’s becoming clear that other veterans are due to suffer the same fate next offseason. Here’s a look at some Cowboys players who are almost certainly on their last ride with the team:

Terence Newman – There was much speculation that Newman would be cut along with the last group, so it’s no surprise that many if not most analysts believe this to be his final season in Dallas. The picture became even clearer with the recent extension given to Orlando Scandrick. One 2012 starter is already locked in, leaving the Cowboys to bank on Mike Jenkins getting back to Pro Bowl form or finding his replacement in the next draft or free agency market. Newman will not figure into those plans.

Andre Gurode – He hasn’t been rumored about much so far, but the sudden infusion of young interior line talent with David Arkin, Phil Costa, and Bill Nagy has increased Gurode’s expendability. Not only would the team benefit from the financial savings of releasing Andre, but his style of play is becoming out of place with a younger and more athletic line. Though the conversation hasn’t really started in the media yet the way it has with Newman, I feel almost equally confident that Gurode will be gone next offseason.

Martellus Bennett – Entering the final year of his deal and with plenty of prime years left, Bennett will almost certainly get a chance to start for another team next season. With Jason Witten’s contract also expiring and a solid reserve already on staff in John Phillips, it doesn’t seem likely that the Cowboys will be in a position to compete with the market for Bennett’s services.

Keith Brooking – It’s so obvious that it’s barely worth discussing. In fact, Brooking probably would have been cut already if Sean Lee had more than just a couple of solid games on his resume. No chance he’s back with Dallas next year, both for our reasons and his own as Brooking will likely retire.

Jon Kitna – Next offseason will be decision time on Stephen McGee; either he’s ready to be Romo’s backup or it’s time to let him go. I feel pretty confident that McGee will get that opportunity, which means Kitna’s time will be over.

Igor Olshansky – I still think Olshansky won’t even make it to Week One of THIS season, but just in case let’s throw him on here.

Could I be wrong about any of these guys? Sure, but those scenarios don’t seem present at the moment. Circumstances change all the time with injuries or disappointing prospects, so we’ll probably be having some different conversations about at least one of these guys next February.

What do you think? Are there any of these players you want to make a case for to still be around in 2012? Sound off below!