A Giant Kick In the Butt

Not much to say about this game, it was a known thing that we would lose this game, but to get totally whipped was embarrassing to say the least. The Giants are clearly the class of the NFC, and are the team to beat. The Cowboys now drop to 5-4, and keepers of the NFC East basement.

Its safe to say that we all drank the same homer koolaid and thought we would be Super Bowl contenders in the preseason; however, reality coupled with injuries has taken its toll. This season is a wash, unless we run the table and get some help. I don’t see it happening and here’s why:

Yes, we need Romo to come back, but when he was in there, the offensive line did not protect him for anything. To think Romo’s return will save our season is just being naive bigtime. Romo will help out, but the improvements must come across the board and softy Wade Phillips is not the type of coach that’s going to rally this team together. These guys are lost and are quitting on each other. This was evident in today’s game. The defense actually looked ok for the first few series, but as the offense continued to act stupid out there, the defense saw no use to keep up the hard work and they quit too. Jacobs ran all over these guys, and we saw more half assed tackling, and lack of pressure. This is the most disappointing team since the Switzer years, where we have alot of talent and nothing to show for it. We suck, and will continue to play crappy.

Anyone who is trying to be positive is just trying to be optimistic for the sake of being optimistic, but let’s get real ok? What have you seen while Romo was playing, and what have you seen in recent weeks to think we’re a contender, we’re not, we are clearly a team is complete disarray. Can the Cowboys go 5-2 after the bye week? I wish I could say I know we can, but I cannot say that right now. Is it possible? of course, but not likely considering the history of this season. We’re on track for a 7-9 or 9-7 team at best, and no playoffs.

There just isn’t much positive to say about these Cowboys right now. Jerry better not be handing out contract extensions this bye week either because no one deserves crap right now.

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