Romo Kills Cowboys Faithfull Yet Again

Different year, same ole Tony Romo. The Cowboys let the game get away from them and the momentum clearly came when Romo fumbled the ball near the endzone. Then again, Romo threw a critical INT at the end of the game. Ultimately, the Cowboys were unable to overcome Romo’s poor decisions.

Romo lost this game. Period.

How many times is Romo going to kill fans with his wreckless play. We’re stuck with him for now, but after tonight I’m seriously wanting us to go another direction soon. Let’s see what Romo does this year, but let’s make a change. Aikman is right, we may need to blow the core up, mainly that of the QB position to be exact.

Cowboys 24 Jets 27… pathetic loss. We had the game won.

PS. Can Romo snap the ball before there’s 1 second left on the game clock. Idiot.

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  • TCT

    I couldn’t agree more. I am so tired of the same old story. I will not be watching another Dallas Cowboy’s game until Romo is gone!


    Been a Cowboy fan since 1970. Lots of success, then a few bad years, then the 90’s and now the Romo era. It’s time to give it up. Develop, trade, buy… this game was won and even with the confused “D” it was a short field goal away from a road win and a good start. 15 games to go…lots can happen but Tony is not getting better…we have seen him peak. Not his fault, ownership must now begin the process of replacement. I will always root for the Boys!!!! Let’s go Jerry….you want to win as much; if not more, than the rest of us.

  • thomas8

    I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan sence dandy Don, and bullet Bob Hase. I have never been a fan of the Tony Romo.I just (speaking for myself) why Management blames everyone for Tony’s inability to play the QB position.Good players have taken the fall through the years. I think it is about time Jerry J. and the rest of the Jones family man up and stop putting the blame on others and put it where it belongs. At the best Tony is just a average quarterback. By no means is he God’s gift to the QB position.

  • CowboyfaninVA

    I like Romo, he seems like a genuinely good guy, but, I can’t see him having what it takes to be a post season star. He wins a lot of games against bad teams. When it comes to playing good teams like the Jets he seems to get intimidated and has 4th quarter meltdowns like nobody I’ve ever seen. Maybe the Boys need to lose a lot this year and get Andrew Luck!

  • quincey40

    How long will cowboys owner keep let T. Romo destroy games? Let Romo go as a Qb. Let him pass water out and fumble towel to the guys….I have faith in cowboys but zero in T. Romo…….Let him GO…..