Different year, same ole Tony Romo. The Cowboys let the game get away from them and the momentum clearly came when Romo fumbled the ball near the endzone. Then again, Romo threw a critical INT at the end of the game. Ultimately, the Cowboys were unable to overcome Romo’s poor decisions.

Romo lost this game. Period.

How many times is Romo going to kill fans with his wreckless play. We’re stuck with him for now, but after tonight I’m seriously wanting us to go another direction soon. Let’s see what Romo does this year, but let’s make a change. Aikman is right, we may need to blow the core up, mainly that of the QB position to be exact.

Cowboys 24 Jets 27… pathetic loss. We had the game won.

PS. Can Romo snap the ball before there’s 1 second left on the game clock. Idiot.