Cowboys Used Jets Matchup as Measuring Stick

So, now that most of Cowboys Nation has had a full day to digest the disappointing loss against the Jets we’ll take a look at the good the Cowboys did against the Jets. To be exact, the Cowboys used the game against the Jets as a measuring stick, and we did very well, despite the turnovers.

Many of us had great concerns over the defense, since they looked very average during the preseason and very vanilla; however, against the Jet’s the defense looked solid, and brought pressure with great frequency. This is the type of 3-4 defense the Cowboys have needed. Parcells and Phillips’ 3-4s were complete busts, and looked nothing like what we saw last night -very impressed. I look forward to attacking our rivals with this defense, can you imagine what Manning, Grossman, and Vick will do? I like our odds, I really do. Ryan has this unit on the right path.

The offensive line was getting dogged all preseason and especially in most pregame shows. Supposedly, our offensive line was too young and inexperienced to handle the Jets defense. Guess what? The line held their own against what can be arguably one of the best defensive units in the league. That’s very impressive to me, if we can hang against the Jets we can certainly handle what the rest of the NFL can throw at us. I like our odds against our division foes.

Dez Bryant looks and plays the part. This guy is a beast, his potential is unmeasurable at this stage of the game, especially with Coach Robinson in his corner refining him into an elite receiver in only his second season. We have a lot of games to play, but Bryant will only get better and draw attention from secondaries around the league. Derrell Revis is the best in the league, period. So, seeing the Jets put him on Dez is a testament on his playmaking ability. Bryant was able to make catches in front of Revis, and it had the makings of a heavy weight bout. I’d love to see a rematch.

Coach Garrett preaches, doing your best each and every play, its clear the Cowboys have taken his coaching to heart and believe in his mantra. Garrett emphasizes preparedness, and you know they did their homework against the Jet’s, but came up short this time around, but you know he’ll correct the mistakes from this game, and take it out on the 49ers.

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