Sore Loser Alert: Redskin’s Brian Orakpo Running His Mouth

I just saw this on NFL Network, and I have to say, Redskin’s Brian Orakpo is a major sore loser. Take the loss like a man and shutup, his comments on Tony Romo will surely fire-up Cowboys Nation, and just add more to the rivalry. Circle 11/20 on your calendar, because we’re going to come after these crap talking Redskins.

Here’s a portion of what Orakpo said:

“To me they blown it way out of proportion,” the linebacker said on ESPN 980’s John Thompson Show on Tuesday, via DC Sports Blog. “I mean, they tried to make it seem like the guy was hospitalized the night before the game, just so we could build it up if they was to win the game – oh he’s a courageous player to go out there and play. The guy was playing just like Tony Romo, running around, making throws. He got hit throughout the whole game and still getting up. I mean, it was blown way out of proportion, but it is what it is.” (DC Sports Bog)

This guy’s logic is just stupid. It’s funny how he wants to question Romo’s toughness, yet he was on the sideline from cramps, while Romo played through cracked ribs, and a messed up lung. I can’t wait to see this rematch.

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