Final Game is Final Embarrasment at Texas Stadium

As a die hard fan on this special night, this is the most embarrassing game I’ve ever watched in my entire life. We’re talking about a chance to control our playoff aspirations and close out the final game ever at Texas Stadium with a win. It did not happen, the Cowboys are a complete failure and big disappointment.

This team has ALOT of issues to address this offseason. I’m officially writing off this team, they plain suck. Its mind blowing to imagine that this bumbling squad still has a shot at a wildcard spot. After tonight, I don’t see them winning in Philly. No heart, no killer instinct, these guys have nothing inside to overcome the stupidity made by their key players.

The bumbling starts with Romo, I’m sold on him not being able to win in huge games. Tonight’s game was basically a playoff type game with alot on the line, and Romo put the Cowboys behind early, and the offense never dug out of his hole. When Romo stinks so goes the rest of the team. I’ll say it again, Romo is no where near Aikman’s caliber, and not even better than Danny White, so that’s a big problem for Dallas. If your QB is not better than a Danny White caliber forget getting to the Superbowl, seriously. Do not try to sugar coat or throw stats at this argument, Romo is a huge disappointment and he is what he is – not good enough.

For Wade, I expect him and his entire staff to get the boot after we lose to the Eagles next week. Wade has failed to get this team fired up, and Garrett has failed to be innovative, get them both the hell outta here and start over. This team takes losses like this and implodes, show me something this whole year that gives you hope, and I’ll reconsider my stance, but the reality is that the Cowboys do not have what it takes to win anything the rest of the way, let alone the playoffs. (We need Jim Mora to speak at the podium tonight, he’ll tell you)

The Cowboys now will rely on others to lose in order for them to sneak into the playoffs, what a joke of a team, seriously. I love this team, but they have the wrong pieces in place right now.

Jerry Jones has to be beyond disappointed and completely embarrassed. This was a slap in his face and the faces of the fans, the players stunk it up in the worst way.

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