Cowboys Win Next Week and We’re In

In an amazing twist of fate, the Bucs and Eagles lost today, thus thrusting the Cowboys back into control of their playoff hopes. Its simple. If the Cowboys win on the road in Philly we’re in. Whether or not this will happen will be the great question. The Cowboys will get one more chance for the ultimate retribution.

Romo its do or die the rest of the way, please step up your game and make better throwing decisions…

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  • I could not be more disappointed in a team. How do you lose with Romo, Witten, TO, Roy Williams? I almost hope they do lose Sunday, that way they don’t get my hopes back up for the playoffs. I am sick of this underachieving, over-paid team.

  • JSTX72

    I really didn’t think 10-6 would get it done. Pittsburg hurt. The Washington loss hurt. But the Ravens embarrassed the cowboys at home. So I guess the boys can consider this next game a playoff. It’s do or die from here. So if they decide to finally realize they are a talented team that can win then so be it…put some wins together. That would make me very happy, and extremely annoyed that it took them till week 17 to do it! Is it just me, or should we find a QB the idolizes someone other than the guy who set the record for most interceptions in NFL history?