Gameday: Cowboys @ Eagles

The Cowboys will be in the playoffs if they beat the Eagles, this is easier said than done. Basically, the Cowboys have to reverse all their December misgivings and take home a win on the road in hostile territory. I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not confident at all that this 2008 squad can get it done. I’ll be more surprised than anything to come away with a victory. The gameplan and turnovers will be the key today, its as simple as that.

The Cowboys need to keep the passes quick and simple, and ride Choice all game long. Choice has been a great draft find, and TRUE 4th round steal. If the Cowboys abandon the run early you can call this game by the half. If Romo doesn’t take care of the ball, then you can count us out. So, ride Choice and keep Romo in check and we’re in. I don’t want to see any of those stupid hail mary lobs for INTS, and neither do the rest of Cowboys Nation. The poor game management of Romo is growing thin on the fanbase very quickly.

Sense of urgency is something we should have seen last week, and it was not there. Today the Cowboys should show this sense of urgency, if we don’t see it early then forget it.  We’re going to know the path of this game early on, but if the Cowboys manage to take a lead after the half they need to close out the game rather than leave the Eagles in it. We’ll see what happens. This is a playoff game before the playoffs, so again, all eyes will be on Romo, and that’s just the way it is. Please step up and win the game.

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