Enough is enough!! Tony Romo’s rollercoaster ride as the Cowboy’s leader at QB may have come to an end officially. Fans, are done with Romo, officially. Romo made history by giving the Cowboys the most disastrous loss in Cowboys history by giving up 24 points for a Lions win.

There’s is nothing left to give Romo. He’s burnt Cowboys Nation way too many times, this is unbelievable, but if any player was going to do us in like this it would be Tony Romo.

Time to think about starting Jon Kitna after the bye. You cannot keep this up and down season with Romo as the QB, he single-handedly will cost us games. Under Kitna, the Cowboys went 5-3. With Garrett as full time head coach and with Romo, he’s a horrid 2-2. Make the change, enough is enough. There had better be a conversation about making some sort of move.

Romo, you’re a sorry quarterback with no future in Dallas. Die hard fans across the world hate Romo and everything he represents with all their guts right now, and we’re sick of it. Start Kitna after the bye. This is not a knee jerk reaction, this my fellow fans, is a reality going forward.


Cowboys Nations hates you.

-Cowboys Fans